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In Association with Suffolk Orienteering Club

News General 2014/15 Events Rules 2014/15 Results Results Archive Forum

The Essex and Suffolk Schools Orienteering League (ESSOL)


Results have been updated after the final event of the season at High Woods.

General Information

The Schools League Co-ordinator is Essex Straggler Julie Laver. Please send any ideas or feedback to Julie at julie.laver@virgin.net or telephone 01206 826152.

The League is run by the Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society in conjunction with our neighbours the Suffolk Orienteering Club (SuffOC).

ESSOL events are open to all young people of Junior or Senior School or Sixth Form age. You can compete individually, represent a school, youth group or club or do both.

Trophies are presented at the end of the season to each boy and girl with the best score in each combined year group (3/4 ,5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12/13) and to the best scoring school.

Free membership of SOS is available to all Schools, Youth Groups and Clubs which fall within the SOS catchments area (i.e. mid and North Essex) - details are here. Details of SUFFOC membership are here.

2014/15 Events

ESSOL fixtures for this season (subject to change) -
12 Oct 2014Broaks WoodSOSResults
2 Nov 2014Mildenhall NorthWAOCResults
9 Nov 2014Langdon HillsHAVOCResults
30 Nov 2014West HarlingSUFFOCResults
11 Jan 2015Belhus WoodsHAVOCResults
18 Jan 2015Pods WoodSOSResults
25 Jan 2015KnettishallSUFFOCResults
22 Mar 2015Writtle ForestSOSResults
14 Jun 2015High WoodsSOSResults

Please note these are preliminary fixtures and participants are advised to check Club websites before travelling -
http://stragglers.info   http://www.suffoc.co.uk    http://www.orienteering-havoc.co.uk   http://www.waoc.org.uk

League Rules

The competition consists of a mimimum 8 events held during the school year (September to July). The majority will be hosted by SOS or SUFFOC, and the remainder by adjacent East Anglian orienteering clubs.

ESSOL events are open to all young people of School age in the catchment areas of SOS, SUFFOC, WAOC and HAVOC clubs. Competitors can represent a school, youth group or club.

Competitors compete in the following classes and should normally enter the course appropriate to their age -
School Year ClassColour Coded Course
Years 3 & 4WhiteControls on paths with a control at every junction about 1.5 km.
Years 5 & 6WhiteControls on paths with a control at every junction about 1.5 km.
Years 7 & 8YellowControls on obvious line features no route choice about 2km.
Years 9 & 10OrangeControls on prominent point and contour features route choice about 3 km.
Years 11 & 12 Light GreenControls on any feature significant route choice about 3-4km.
Year 13GreenControls on any feature significant route choice about 4-5km.

Competitors and their teachers, leaders and parents are responsible for ensuring that the correct course is entered, but the scoring scheme adjusts for those who run a different course. Competitors normally run as individuals, but those lacking experience may run as part of a pair.

The winner of each class (boys and girls separately) is awarded 100 points.
Other competitors in the same class are awarded    Winner's time (in seconds)   
Competitor's time (in seconds)
x 100 points.

Competitors running up one course (e.g. a Year 8 running the Orange course) will receive 110% of the points above.
Competitors running up two courses (e.g. a Year 6 running the Orange course) will receive 120% of the points above.
Competitors running down one course (e.g. a Year 11 running the Orange course) will receive 90% of the points above.
Competitors running as a pair will each receive 75% of the points above, based on the class of the older member of the team with a default to the lower time if a mixed pair.
Competitors running in groups of three or more or with adult (or other) help do not score.
A related adult or supervising person who wishes to run the same course as the competitor must leave at least 10 minutes after the competitor has started their run before setting off on their own run for white and yellow courses, and at least 15 minutes for other courses.
Competitors having a second run on the day must declare themselves non-competitive for the second course and will not receive points for the second run, and neither will any partner who runs with them.

There is no limit on the number of competitors from any school, youth group or club at any ESSOL event.
The team points score for each ESSOL event will be the sum of the best 6 individuals representing that team at that event.

Individual Awards
A trophy will be presented to each boy and girl in each school year group class (3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12/13) who has the highest cumulative points score from his or her best 5 results.
A certificate will be presented to each boy and girl who wins their year group course at each event and to those who score at least 100 points cumulative during the league season.

Whole Team Trophy
A trophy will be presented to the team which has the highest cumulative points score from their best 5 results.

Junior Team award
An award will be presented to the team which has the highest cumulative points score in the Y3/4 & Y5/6 categories from their best 5 team results.

Senior Team award
An award will be presented to the team which has the highest cumulative points score in the Y7+ categories from their best 5 team results.

Start Times
Competitors from the same team on the same course must have start at least 4 minutes apart.

Competitors must include the following details when registering for an event -
Full Name
School Year (e.g. Year 6)
Team Name.

Every effort is made to avoid mistakes or omissions but should any be found then please email the details to the ESSOL co-ordinator.
The decision made by the ESSOL co-ordinator is FINAL.

2014/15 Results

hall N
best 5
Y3/4 Boys
Oliver PrinceSt Andrews Halstead47210941868810193100100503
Alastair BrownBarnardiston Hall4100818299841007571465
Seb PoterSt Andrews Halstead398811008984452
Jamie HartnupSt Andrews Halstead4715552100100674291429
Ben PartridgeSt Andrews Halstead4566855609771846874394
Lewis BurnBarnardiston Hall450757488855849380
Theo Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge310068765667542962373
Ryan SkeetSt Andrews Halstead3495974288470444052339
Thomas WalkerSt Andrews Halstead3495974284486642322285
David LowKCS336705461221
Max Woods45075125
Isaac Rosewell38262084
Ben MartinSt Andrews Halstead24949
Y3/4 Girls
Daisy HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead410010010010010010020500
Kajsa Harstad-Arnsten34276100218
Sophie BlowerSt Andrews Halstead444644255205
Elizabeth Roberts4360103
Poppy Roberts4360103
Katie HigginsSt Andrews Halstead46464
Y5/6 Boys
Zac PoterSt Andrews Halstead5631009911092110110529
Barney Steventon-BarnesSt Marys Woodbridge59211092991041107098521
William HicksBarnardiston Hall6516010090100100100490
Liam PolleySt Andrews Halstead63210010966748251104469
Daniel HagueMorley Memorial6110818710771456
Harrison DixeySt Andrews Halstead5100839910056438
William PressSt Andrews Halstead5879782995567432
Thomas MartinSt Andrews Halstead59145961037666432
Oliver PringleSt Andrews Halstead69010078815073422
Thomas LeaderSt Andrews Halstead56878718982694884404
George JobeBarnardiston Hall5879148946354389
Ben ClarkeBarnardiston Hall599765360706567377
Dominic BrownBarnardiston Hall654417081647466355
Louis DoveSt Andrews Halstead54965694167258263346
Sebastian GurteenBarnardiston Hall55441726550735955324
Archie TweedBarnardiston Hall6516063647732315
Luca TufnelSt Andrews Halstead55171605864304
Ben Harvey-SamuelBarnardiston Hall6522362725748291
Ben Styman-HeightonSt Andrews Halstead675744285276
Edward HicksBarnardiston Hall55327764572273
Daniel PetrovBarnardiston Hall557735874262
Max EganBarnardiston Hall553276555364245260
Craig CarterCliff Lane564724456236
William SepanskiBarnardiston Hall652236767209
Joel HullSt Andrews Halstead6585569182
Jonathan Ambler7070
Max DaviesSt Andrews Halstead65454
Kasper Harstad-Arnsten5252
Jez Perry4545
Dan Perry3131
Ben Wilks3131
Michael Salter2121
Lewis Turken2121
Y5/6 Girls
Lucy WalkerSt Andrews Halstead6100939710411035504
Lucy WarlandIxworth 672919581114120501
Amy SkeetSt Andrews Halstead55978891009010010075100490
Rosy BirdSt Andrews Halstead6724875979099100461
Evie AmosSt Andrews Halstead510018718978496560403
Alesha LoweStowmarket610087869238403
Eleanor LowKCS67860769092396
Molly MatthewsBarnardiston Hall64873706886345
Beatrice SalmonBarnardiston Hall63717346253
Katie-May BlowerSt Andrews Halstead54176604021238
Isobel McGertyBarnardiston Hall878259228
Isobel PetersSt Andrews Halstead5404744314252225
Hannah WallaceSt Andrews Halstead6210062224
Amelia FlemmingBarnardiston Hall6487089207
Charlotte CaswellSt Andrews Halstead540474431162
Sienna CuttsBarnardiston Hall56372135
Lauren Alcroft5555
Katy HicksSt Andrews Halstead4040
Fern HarringtonSt Andrews Halstead2121
Year 7/8 Boys
Sam HagueThe Perse810511010082105110530
Edward LowKCS81108110910996505
Ben BaylyBarnardiston Hall710093981001009793495
Alex WetherillHitchin Boys7120110108110448
Tommy HarringtonThe Ramsey Academy793858469576679410
Valentine IvanovBrentwood School8345743726180313
Ed NorthfieldHedingham85254458235268
Thomas TurnerThe Ramsey Academy7385548574645251
Jack Hammond4987110246
Robbie WoolertonBrentwood School832446145182
Felix WhitehouseBarnardiston Hall89442136
Emile Zsak105105
Charlie BaylyBarnardiston Hall78484
Tom SteedBarnardiston Hall87878
Oliver Brown7575
Alfie Truman-WilliamsBrentwood School7293564
Hugo ThompsonBarnardiston Hall86262
Alexander ParkerBarnardiston Hall86262
Thomas WoodwardThe Perse6262
Scott FirmanThe Ramsey Academy75656
Harry FergusonBarnardiston Hall84242
Simon Bingham4040
Year 7/8 Girls
Maisie Waller-ToyneTLA76987809295879280453
Emma Bowie-BrittonBrentwood School778100659079412
Hannah PetersThe Ramsey Academy8100971004564406
Beth LucasThe Ramsey Academy86210062483972100396
Tilly TurpHedingham738614668213
Leisha HuntHedingham76868
Erica FoxSwavesey Village College75454
Shadelle NelsonThe Ramsey Academy85353
Year 9/10 Boys
Mathew ClarkeThe Perse911497110120120121109585
Callum TurnerThe Ramsey Academy101068587120789983140120585
Thomas LockThe Ramsey Academy1012010087988085119524
Luke CooperBrentwood School109274961007767439
Elliot MooreBrentwood School107956949572396
Ben Hammond1009583278
Jasper Waller-ToyneTLA910077177
Oliver HagueCambridge International108454138
James CromartyBrentwood School105067117
Zac Steventon-BarnesFarlingaye High103535
Ivan PittsHedingham101717
Year 9/10 Girls
Daisy PartridgeHedingham9120120110110120120120120130610
Lucy EdwardsThe Ramsey Academy10789112011210013013084592
Chloe CracknellHedingham91101101057411011097110100550
Emma GoodenThe Ramsey Academy10100867210811078110514
Victoria LoveHedingham9356988100100100857970473
Cerys Wrigley-MossHedingham9569010086841007557460
Georgia GowerThe Ramsey Academy1088100699410746458
Abi DuncanHedingham9907797907554429
Kaitlyn DraperThe Ramsey Academy1060616464687395364
Sian AdamsThe Ramsey Academy10744461179
Catriona KadirkamanathanBrentwood School9627734173
Abbie ForsterThe Ramsey Academy105556111
Catriona GladmanMoulsham99090
Francesca Mills2626
Kayleigh Locke2626
Year 11-13 Boys
Tim HarrisonThe Perse11120120120120120120120600
John-Henry LoveHedingham1110091110120921101039082543
Josh PartridgeHedingham11999711889919491100508
Roderick ManselCounty Upper13751101089586474
Oliver SmithHedingham117484759361777278407
Joseph PowersHedingham11624956765941302
Hamish KadirkamanathanBrentwood School12514970100270
Charlie BixbyFarlingaye High13807468222
Harry HaywardFarlingaye High13607290222
Anthony ColeHedingham1170100170
Zachary WardFarlingaye High13313270133
Sam ChivertonFarlingaye High126765132
Liam CochraneFarlingaye High125082132
Nick HarrisonFarlingaye High135869127
Jake SilverthorneFarlingaye High135965124
Ben Wetherill11100100
Andrew Stemp100100
Bryn WilkinsonCoppleston High13100100
Luke DaviesFarlingaye High128787
Henry FowlerFarlingaye High8484
Ben WarlandThurston128383
Theo PassmoreFarlingaye High125656
Olly ChidwickFarlingaye High125454
George WadeFarlingaye High135252
Jack PotterFarlingaye High125050
Matthew WhitlockFarlingaye High123737
Lawrence FullerFarlingaye High123737
<>Year 11-13 Girls
Harriet VinterHedingham116774809667110427
Bronwen ManselCounty Upper111091107878375
Laura SmithHedingham116669845475348
Annie NorthfieldHedingham11473850634561266
Jasmine ClackettHedingham115037404954525553264
Lauren RamseyFarlingaye High1356367455221
Tia CosterHedingham117060130
Jaya Chand5252
Megan MoonFarlingaye High124848
Megan SpaldingFarlingaye High124848
Mia WebbDebenham High114343
Ellie HowardDebenham High114343
Lucy BevanFarlingaye High123737
TEAM TROPHY (Whole School)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews Halstead5195705946125946046115435893015
The Ramsey Acedemy5525315905575413705836075892926
Barnardiston Hall5534975205315275184254912649
Brentwood School3383494634634503322063
Farlingaye High33931356438421691580
The Perse2342172151102402203223463391481
St Marys Woodbridge1921781689917116499160873
County Upper75219210173164841
Thomas Lord Auderly698780921958792157623
Hitchin Boys120110108110448
Morley Memorial110818710771346
Cliff Lane64724456236
Cambridge International8454138
Coppleston High100100
Debenham High8686
Swavesey Village College5454
TEAM COMPETITION (Junior School Up to Y6)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
St Andrews Halstead5195705946125946046115295893015
Barnardiston Hall5534584945044974844254642532
St Marys Woodbridge1921781689917116499160873
Morley Memorial110818710771456
Cliff Lane64724456236
Swavesey Village College5454
TEAM COMPETITION (Senior School Y7+)
Sum of the best 6 individual results from each of the best 5 event results
The Ramsey Acedemy5525315905575413705836075892926
Brentwood School3383494634634503322063
Farlingaye High33931356438421691580
The Perse2342172151102402203223463391481
Barnardiston Hall278379981001009793955
County Upper75219218173164849
Thomas Lord Auderly698780921958792157623
Hitchin Boys120110108110448
Cambridge International8454138
Coppleston High100100


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