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Newsletter Volume 21 No. 8

September 2011

Editors: Geraldine Russell and Rachel Barford- editors@stragglers.info

Club website - http://stragglers.info




Contributions for the December newsletter
are invited before the 30th November 2011.



Editorial - Rachel Barford

Hopefully everyone has had a really enjoyable summer this year, and thank you to the people who have made their usual Newsletter contributions.  However, remember that more contributions and photos are always very welcome, and thanks to Geraldine for her photographic efforts, taken at the Scottish this year, which appear at intervals throughout the Newsletter.  It is also good to see the Juniors contributing – thank you Rhiannon for your article about the Peter Palmer Relays.

Please also take time to read the Agenda of the AGM and proposals for changes on page 14, and ensure any feedback gets to Jack Isbester as soon as possible.  Under the terms of the SOS constitution, the agenda and proposals must be issued to members in good time.  It would be good to see as many members as possible at the AGM.

All orienteering experiences are unique – and it’s good to get a different take on them, so please put pen to paper and send in your own experiences. 


Chairman's Chat - John Collyer

We have another new area mapped using funds from the Big Lottery via Sportengland (that’s how they spell it) for which we are very grateful. The process has however, been far from smooth and well outside my predicted time frame.


The new area is Pods and Coneyfields, an area crossed by the Colchester to Tiptree road, and we are now proceeding with our event there in late November. The map has been produced by Ton Edelsten of CHIG, under his mapping alter ego – Forest Fire Maps. He also produced a good chunk of the recent Writtle map.


The problems were caused by the announcement by the Government concerning the selling off of large numbers of woods held by the Forestry Commission (I think they are back to their old name). We had already obtained an outline agreement with Simon Leatherdale of the FC, but following the Government announcements, he felt that even though the land was leased it may not have been under their control for much longer. Following the later stay of action and the inevitable public consultation, he then felt that we could go ahead for this year at least.


Some of you may be aware of support campaigns for public access to what we regard as our forests, and indeed may have submitted your comments to various forums and website appeals. Clive Coles of SUFFOC has been particularly active on this front. Remember however, this is just a stay of decision for consultation and we may be asked to support access rights for our forests once again.

Captain's Corner - Jenny Collyer


Cambridge University Orienteering Club (CUOC) puts on an event each year called The Icenian.  This year the event is not the normal forest event but an Urban Race in Cambridge on Saturday 22nd October.


There is a trophy each year for the winning club.  SOS last won it in 2005.  The scoring is based on the times of the 4 best M/W20- , the 4  best M/W21 to 45 and the 4 best M/W 50+.  (This may be a bit different with the urban race classes).


The cheapest entries close on Oct 1st and there is a limit of 350 competitors so get your entries in now!  The web site is www.cuoc.org.uk.

North London Street League - Editor

We have been asked by CHIG to mention events in the above series, organised by CHIG, HH and LOK, which may well be in reach of many SOS members.  There is a very interesting page on their website explaining the basics of Street-O, and listing the events planned for the coming season.  The first is on the 29th September at Loughton; an evening event on streets with light traffic, but which may require a torch.

Please see the CHIG website for details of this event as well as the other events in this series.


Maes y Lade Outdoor Pursuit Centre – John Williams

I was interested to read the article about Maes-y-Lade Outdoor Pursuits Centre in the last newsletter, having carried out survey work there for Essex County Council in 1989 (maintenance, development of facilities …). Another dormant memory aroused. Then by one of those strange coincidences, having just read the article, I was asked if I could go back to survey the 300m of drive, the surface of which apparently suffers from the rain, breaks up, needs resurfacing, drainage etc. The survey was easily finished by lunch time, leaving the afternoon for play.

A copy of the map of the Permanent Course was located, and this provided 30 minutes enjoyable running. All bar 3 of the controls were still in place, some in better condition than others. One looked to have been eaten by a spreading hedge.  Others provided splendid views to the hills for the orienteer more inclined to tarry. I note that Derek mentioned mapping, not necessarily a permanent course, but looking at some of the markers it is easy to imagine that they have been there since the eighties. If it is the same course, I can confirm that it is still in use.


The view from the course at Maes y Lade





The original Maes y Lade map from the 1980s? – still in use today, and John Williams can confirm that all but three of the markers are still in place.




Peter Palmer Relays -  Rhiannon Ware



This year the Peter Palmer Relays were held at MOD Stafford. The relays are a yearly event for juniors similar to the Harvester where the first few legs are in the dark gradually progressing into sunlight.

This year the team consisted of a mix of SOS and SUFFOC juniors. The runners were: Alex Ware; Rhiannon Ware; Nick Harrison; Roderick Mansel; Ben Warland; Bronwen Mansel and Stephanie Ware.

The event and accommodation were both in the army base. We all travelled up on the Saturday afternoon, arriving in time for food to be served in the army mess hall at 18.00. Alex, as junior captain, went to the team captains meeting at 19.00 everyone else to assigned dorm room for the team to stay in. In the room there were exactly half beds to people so mostly the runners took the beds and the others slept on airbeds on the floor. After a while the adults disappeared on a (failed) quest to find a cup of tea, while the juniors amused themselves with card games until the adults came back then went to explore the base in the dark and play manhunt..


Most woke up around the time Alex left for the first start having to be at the change over area by 04.30 ready to start at 04.45 with the other first leg runners. He ran a red standard course in the complete dark followed by Rod who ran the same course but at dawn. The next runner was Rhiannon who ran the light green, the first leg to be properly in daylight. Then it was Ben’s turn to run the orange followed by Bronwen and Steph on the yellow. Bronwen returned first but by that time Nick, the last leg runner had started in the mini mass start on his green course.


For a while we were coming in third place out of 6 for the NOR trophy which is for small clubs and combined club teams. Unfortunately one of our runners mis- punched so we joined the long list of teams that also mis-punched.

Overall it was an enjoyable event for all - even with the early morning.


Quote from Steph ‘Can we do more weekends like this?’



Photo shows orienteering at the Scottish event this year.



Essex & Suffolk Schools Orienteering League – Julie Laver


Briefly, pupils who singularly or in pairs run an age appropriate course unaided by adult or other person score points for each ESSOL designated event. The best 5 scores through the season are added to make their total for that season. The highest scoring participants receive trophies or medals, the others receive certificates if their total score exceeds 100 points.  The scoring system enables appropriate reward for pupils running up a class.


The competition is open to any pupil in the HAVOC, SOS, SUFFOC or WAOC catchment areas. The full rules can be viewed via the ESSOL link on our club website as can the currant position of all participants which is updated after each event. No special entry is required above the normal event entry but may I request registration details are filled out clearly and in full as it makes collating the data much easier.


If you have any queries about the league please contact me julie.laver@virgin.net  or phone 01206 826152. For general information about orienteering or our club visit our web site.


ESSOL Fixtures 11-12



11/09      Danbury Park                SOS

 02/10      Woodbridge                  SUFFOC

 09/10      The Broaks                    SOS

 30/10      Thorndon South            HAVOC



 29/01        Thetford                        WAOC

 26/02        Thetford                        SUFFOC

 18/03        Hockley                         SOS

 22/04        Thorndon North            HAVOC

 13/05        Hylands                         SOS


Please note these are preliminary fixtures and participants are advised to check Club websites before travelling







Club Activities – Julie Laver



Club Activity Night –  Thursdays  7.30 pm – 9.00pm

Starting back September 22nd


Orienteering (navigation) exercises with some fitness thrown in. 

No experience necessary. All abilities catered for.

Glass Social Area, University of Essex , Wivenhoe  Park, Colchester. Car park off Boundary Rd, off B1027 Colchester Rd to Wivenhoe

Dress suitable for weather conditions. Refreshments available

Suitable for all ages – Under 16’s must be accompanied by an adult.

Free for your first 3 weeks then £2/£1 - Max £5 per family




Coming Soon – Night Street O – details to follow


The coaching team and others will be putting on a variety of activities for your amusement and depending on the weather from straight coaching sessions to Street / Night events to multi discipline evening with other sports clubs.

We hope to entice new participants along as well as established club members for informal meetings with an emphasis on social and fun activities while keeping a competitive element for those who value this element of our sport.

If you do not want to join in with the planned activity you could still come along for a chat as we usually round off the evenings tea, coffee & biscuits and sometimes CAKE!!!


If any members have suggestions for activities or would like to be involved in planning an evening please contact one of the club coaches. You do not have to be experienced, as full support will be given.



2011 SOS Relays – An Organiser’s Perspective – Dave Skinner


Having organised for the first time the 2010 relays event, it was with somewhat less trepidation that I travelled to Wivenhoe Park to oversee the 2011 event.  There had been some stresses leading up to the event (for example lack of team entries, changes to entries, potential need for more control cards).  I had decided to simplify operations not to repeat my attempt the previous year to maintain a “real time” chart on team progress, and had this time prepared all the control cards in advance rather than on the event day. Additionally event set up would be relatively straightforward – no electronic equipment to coax into full working order and the facilities in the Essex University Glass Social obviate the need for tasks such as erecting a tent. So I was confident that all would run smoothly.


This confidence was slightly dented when on arrival I learned that changes in on-site building works had affected two of the three courses – one control would have to be withdrawn (it was now in a fenced off area) and route choice was affected on another. The map had actually been updated quite close to the event day but there was no way this problem could have been circumvented. Frantic manual changes to maps ensued carried out by the Planner and supervised by the Controller.  Thereafter things ran relatively smoothly thanks largely to the support of two dedicated helpers (for this event it is not feasible for helpers to also take part in relays).


For those of you who are not familiar with the unique format of the SOS Relays, a brief description...Teams of 4 run a total of 9 legs – 2 Light Green, 3 Orange and 4 Yellow; team member s can run a particular course only once; each team has three maps, one for each course so at most three members of the team are running simultaneously; teams are start-time handicapped by age and gender, so the first team completing their 9 legs wins.


Results of the event are published on the SOS website where you can also find details of Relay winners going back to the inception of this unique event.

Congratulations to all who took part. Highlight achievements were:


Team Results:

1st Team Tantalising (SOS), who started first and recorded the fastest overall run time - pictured with Trophy below

2nd Flying Chimpanzees (SUFFOC) who started at the same time as Singing Baboons (SUFFOC) but completed 10 minutes faster

3rd Singing Baboons (SUFFOC) who, interestingly, achieved exactly the same overall run time as 4th-placed Dancing Gorillas (SUFFOC).

Individual Results (fastest legs):

Light Green – Kevin Ellis (WeWe)

Orange – Duncan Harrison (W3H)

Yellow – Bryn Wilkinson and Will Hooton (Flying Chimpanzees), John Williams and Kevin Ellis (WeWe).


A very enjoyable day - I believe that all those who took part had fun and plenty of exercise!  It was slightly disappointing that more teams did not enter and that entries were on this occasion confined to SUFFOC and SOS. As I said in my review of the 2010 event this is a fun day - it is competitive of course but I can assure that orienteers of all levels of experience will enjoy it - our Relay event next year is currently scheduled for Highwoods, Colchester – I hope to see you there.


Pictured below is the winning “Team Tantalizing” - Martin Sellens, Hilary Sellens, Karen Ezard and Clive Tant.



Fixtures in East Anglia and Nearby Regions – National Events which SOS members regularly attend are also included

The information provided below normally consists of Event Date, Region (eg EA = East Anglia), Event Grade , Event & Location Names and map reference. Organiser's contact details. Contact details, costs, closing date etc. for Pre-entry when provided. Whether Entry on the Day (EOD) is possible and the surcharge payable. The range of courses offered. The address of a website from which additional information can be obtained. Additional information in plain language.

At Essex Stragglers' events registration normally opens at 1000hrs, starts are from 1030hrs until 1230hrs and courses close at 1430hrs.

SOS Club Nights are not included – see SOS website for details.




Level D

North London Street Events , TBC Loughton , TQ386993
Organiser: John Duffield, john.duffield1@ntlworld.com, 020 8281 0676   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.chig.org.uk



Level D

WAOC Ampthill Park Colour Coded and mini-Blodslitet , Ampthill Park Ampthill , TL023382
Organiser: Brian Williams   Entry On Day: Senior £6.00, Junior £2.00, Student £2.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs are welcome at Ampthill Park but must be on leads in the car park and must be under control at all times. Start Times: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm for conventional courses up to Light Green.Longer courses will have conventional starts up to 12:30pm after the mini-Blodslitet mass start at 11:00 (To Be Confirmed) www.waoc.org.uk


Level C

SUFFOC Colour Code  Event , EA League & Essex & Suffolk Schools League  , Daisy's Wood   & Hundred Acre Walks  Woodbridge , TM345502
Organiser: Louise Walker   Entry On Day: Senior £8.00, Junior £3.00, Student £3.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs welcome but must be kept under control. Start Times: Registration: 10:00 - 12:00Starts: 10:30 - 12:30 www.suffoc.co.uk


Level C

SOS Colour Code Event inc. ESSOL , The Broaks Braintree , TL790306
Organiser: Peter Warland, smwarland@aol.com, 01359 231078   Entry On Day: Senior £7.00, Junior £2.00, Student £2.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  No dogs allowed. Start Times: 10.30-12.30 stragglers.info


Level B

Cambridge City Race , Coe Fen, Cambridge City Centre Cambridge , TL444575
Organiser: David Maliphant, cityrace@cuoc.org.uk, 07708252083  Online entry through https://www.sientries.co.uk/event.php?event_id=562 No Entry On Day. Entries Close: 10/10/2011. Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC , Punch Type: SI,   Start Times: 10.30-1.30 www.cuoc.org.uk



Level C

WAOC Colour Coded event including an Yvette Baker Trophy Heat , Rowney Warren Shefford , TL123403
Organiser: Peter Woods, peter_woods@ntlworld.com, 01223 721433   Entry On Day: Senior £8.00, Junior £3.00, Student £3.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs are welcome at Rowney Warren but must be under control at all times. Start Times: 10:30 am - 12:30 pm www.waoc.org.uk


Level D

Thorndon South SWELL Event , Thorndon South Country Park Brentwood , TQ634899
Organiser: Janet Biggs   Entry On Day: Senior £5.00, Junior £2.00, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: If under control Start Times: 1030 to 1230 orienteering-havoc.co.uk



Level C

NOR Colour Code Event , Sandringham Country Park Kings Lynn , TF689287
Organiser: Leanne Bailey, 01553 771961   Entry On Day: Senior £7.00, Junior £2.00, Student £2.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs on Lead Start Times: Registration from 10.00-12-00Starts from 10.30-12.30 


Level C

SUFFOC Colour Code Event,  Essex & Suffolk Schools League , The Kings Forest  Culford , TL825725
Organiser: Sally Wilkinson   Entry On Day: Senior £8.00, Junior £3.00, Student £3.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs welcome but must be kept under control. Start Times: Registration: 10:00 - 12:00Starts: 10:30 - 12:30 www.suffoc.co.uk


Level B

CHIG Regional Event , TBC Epping , TQ440000
Organiser: Ray Curtis, curtis.rosemount@sky.com, 01279 418699   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.chig.org.uk


Level C

SOS  Colour Code Event , Pods & Conyfield Colchester , TL903180
Organiser: John Collyer, jcollyer48@btinternet.com, 01787 370947   Entry On Day: Senior £7.00, Junior £2.00, Student £2.00.  , Punch Type: SI,   Start Times: 10.30-12.30 stragglers.info



Level C

NOR Colour Code Event , Hockham Thetford , TL937919
Organiser: Helen Lloyd, 01760 337189   Entry On Day: Senior £7.00, Junior £2.00, Student £2.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs on lead in south part of mapped area Start Times: Registration from 10.00-12.00Starts from 10.30-12.30 www.norfolkoc.co.uk


Level D

WAOC Mildenhall South Night Event , Mildenhall Woods South Mildenhall , TL745740
Organiser: Ian Lawson   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.waoc.org.uk


Level C

HH Boxing Day Score , Trent Park Enfield , TQ281983
Organiser: Penny Parkes   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.happyherts.org.uk/



SOS AGM & Social 2011

Don’t miss it!!!  The Annual General Meeting of the Essex Stragglers’ Orienteering Society is to be held at 7.30 pm on Friday 14th October 2011in Hatfield Peverel Village Hall, directions below.  The business of the evening (Agenda on the next page) will be speedily completed and will be followed by a Social, possibly a quiz, with food and drink provided by those participants who are not coming directly from work.

Please contact Geraldine (grmrussell@gmail.com, 01206-272761) to co-ordinate contributions, to ensure that we do not have only salad to eat!


The village hall (postcode CM3 2HP) is on the West side of Maldon Road (B1019) about 500 m from the North end of the road in Hatfield Peverel.  If approaching from the A12 the hall is on the RHS of the road, a short distance before the turn into Woodham Drive.  Location of the Village Hall can be seen at:




After parking at the rear of the hall return to the front and enter through the white glass panelled double doors.  Pass through the Bar area to the Large Meeting Room.




Annual General Meeting of the Essex Stragglers' Orienteering Society

Friday 14th October 2011 at 1930 hrs

in theVillage Hall, Hatfield Peverel, CM3 2HP


1.                         Apologies for absence

2.                         Minutes of the 2010 AGM to approve

                        [Copy at: http://www.stragglers.info/resources/agm10.doc]

3.                         Matters Arising

4.                         Chair's Report

5.                         Treasurer's Report

6.                         Changes to the Constitution to consider – 4 proposals appended

7.                         Subscription rates for 2013 to consider

8.                         Election of Chair

9.                         Election of Other Office Holders

10.                     Any Other Business

11.                     Presentation of Awards

Proposed Amendments  to the SOS Constitution dated October 2004

For submission to the SOS AGM in October 2011

Amendment 1 proposed by John Collyer:

That Item 3, which reads ‘The object of the Society shall be to promote the sport of orienteering’ be deleted and replaced by a new Item 3 which reads:

3.         ‘The objectives of the Society shall be to:

            offer coaching and competitive opportunities in orienteering,

            promote the sport of orienteering,

            ensure a duty of care to all members of the Society,

            provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone,

            ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment,

adopt and apply the policies of the British Orienteering Federation with respect to Equity,

 Child Protection and The Code of Ethics and Conduct and Competition Rules.


Amendment 2 proposed by John Collyer:

That a new Item 21 be added, to read:

21.       Discipline & Appeals

Any complaints regarding the behaviour of members of SOS shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary.

The Secretary shall consult, as soon as feasible (usually within 7 days), with the Chairperson and Treasurer, to determine if the complaint is covered by the BO Code of Ethics and Conduct and Competition Rules.  If they decide that it is not covered the Secretary shall write to the complainant explaining their decision.  If they decide that it is covered the person(s) complained about shall be asked to give their response(s) in writing within 14 days.

The Chairperson shall select a sub-committee of 3 members of the committee to consider the written submissions within 28 days.  The sub-committee may invite oral evidence from both or neither parties who, if they do appear, may be accompanied by a supporter.  The sub-committee has the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including termination of membership.

The sub-committee’s decision shall be given to the complainant and person(s) against whom the complaint was lodged, in writing, within 14 days of the hearing.  Both parties shall have the right of appeal.  Such an appeal shall be submitted to the Secretary in writing within 28 days of the decision being given and shall be heard within 28 days of that submission by a new sub-committee consisting of at least five of the remaining members of the committee who were not on the original sub-committee.  The new sub-committee shall be given access to all the evidence considered by the first sub-committee.  The decision of the second (new) sub-committee shall be final.


Amendment 3 proposed by Jack Isbester:

That Item 12 which reads:

            The Officers of the Society shall Include Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and at least one other.   They shall take office at the termination of the AGM at which they are elected, and hold office until the termination of the following AGM.   An Officer shall not exceed three consecutive years in any one office.

be deleted and replaced by the following:

12.        The Officers of the Society shall include Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and others as decided by the Committee from time to time.  They shall take office at the termination of the AGM at which they are elected and hold office until the termination of the following AGM.


Amendment 4 proposed by Jack Isbester:

            That throughout the SOS Constitution, wherever the word ‘Chairperson’ appears it is replaced by the word ‘Chairman’.




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Essex Stragglers support the Woodland Trust and its objectives
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Essex Stragglers' development activities are supported by Sport England

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