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Volume 21 Number 6
February 2011

Editors: Geraldine Russell and Rachel Barford - editors@stragglers.info
Contributions to the next Newsletter should be sent by email before 30th April.


Editorial - Rachel Barford

Thank you to the contributors this month; it was especially interesting to receive an article from St Andrew's School at Halstead, who have been really active in all our events, fielding a large team of children each time. Congratulations to Georgia Gower of St Andrew's, who became East Anglian Orienteering champion 2011 in her age group - photos later in the Newsletter. Georgia and her friends also wrote the article with the photos.

I have been spending some time this winter taking part in geocaching - a great activity that combines your orienteering skills with treasure seeking. Details on www.geocaching.com (or ask me about it).

Geraldine has been busy organising the event at Writtle Park, to take place on the 13th of this month. Writtle Park is a brand new area for orienteering, and we are all looking forward to enjoying the run in this new area. Perhaps a club member who takes part in this event could send in an article about it for the next newsletter? Contributions always welcome!


Urgent - Equipment Store

Our current storage facility at the Sellens' in Colchester will finish in September.

We are in desperate need of a replacement facility.

Does anyone have:

  1. Space at home for storage?
  2. Room for a shed (that Stragglers would provide)?
  3. Know of a secure facility we could hire?

Chairman's Chat - John Collyer

We have received a grant of £1,650 from Sportengland who award lottery money for a variety of sporting activities. Our grant was specifically for mapping and we made a bid based on three maps of new areas as follows:

  1. Writtle Forest which will be used for our Regional event this month and is a big area of which Tom Edelsten of GHIG has mapped a large section. Kevin Machin has overseen this and mapped the rest of the woods. It is owned by Lord Petre and promises to be a valuable new asset for the club.
  2. Pods Wood near Tiptree is a delightful smaller patch of woodland controlled by the Forestry Commission, with a small area (Coneyfields) across the main road. We have an event here scheduled for November.
  3. Danbury Common is a combination of areas owned and controlled by the National Trust and the Essex Wildlife Trust. It has some sensitive environmental areas which will limit the type of activity we can undertake, but again should provide a valuable area for training and other activities. Tom Edelsten is mapping these areas as well.

A part of the agreement with Sportengland we will be using £400 of club money for mapping school sites, and Julie Laver will be doing this at Halstead (St.Andrews) and Maldon (Plume).

Following support from the membership in the questionnaire I conducted last summer, we have put in place a Summer Series of simple evening events to go along with the already existing SUFFOC ones. We have decided to use Thursday evenings so that those unable to attend a Wednesday evening of the SUFFOC series, have another option for mid-week events.

The aim is to provide a simple event to organise with just two courses (yellowish and greenish as per SUFFOC) with simple controls and checking. Events will start from about 6.30 onwards. The charge will be £2 (£1 juniors) plus any standard parking charge for the venues. We have agreed with SUFFOC that the results for both events will be used for a league table with handicaps on age and gender.

The table below shows the events and dates we expect to take place. Further details will be posted on the two club web sites once they are confirmed. Taken together, the two series should provide an interesting, and we hope exciting, addition to our activities for local members.
SUFFOC WednesdaysSOS Thursdays
19 May - Sudbury? - Collyers
25 May - Brazier's Wood & Piper's Vale
2 June - Admiral's Park, Chelmsford - Emma Johnson
8 June - Broom Hill and the Dales
16 June - Notley Park, Braintree- Eddie Banks
22 June - Eye (urban)
30 June - Wivenhoe Woods - Lyn & Colin West
6 July - Needham Market
14 July - Hilly Fields, Colchester - Chris Williams
20 July - Finborough Park and Woods


Chairman John Collyer presents Martin Sellens with the Mike Powell Davies Shield for services to the club, under the approving eye of Nancy Powell Davies. Photo: Jack Isbester

Captain's Corner - Jenny Collyer

We had a great turnout with sixty four entries from SOS at the Compass Sport Trophy round at Ranmore Common. Unfortunately, we came second by just two points to Guildford Orienteers.

The JK is in Northern Ireland this year and the cheapest entry date has now passed. I expect you will have already made your decisions about whether to travel to this event and have already let me know if you would like a relay run. If you have not told me yet could you please let me know asap.

The British Championships are near Sheffield, the relay being on Sunday 15th May in Tankersley Woods. The cheap closing date for relay entries is 27th Feb (individual entries is the 20th). As last year I will aim to enter the majority of our teams by this early date. The fee (subsidised by the club) is £8/£3. After this date the fee will be higher and it may be difficult to rearrange teams. Please let me know by 20th Feb if you would like a relay run.

The Harvester Relays are taking place near Sheffield on 16th/17th July, also near Sheffield. Please read Peter Warland's article in this newsletter.

Harvester Relay 16/17th July 2011 - Sheffield - Peter Warland

May 2010 saw a combined SOS+Suffoc mixed team run in the Harvester relay at Eridge Park (Newsletter Vol. 21. No.4). This year's event will take place in Ecclesall Woods and Limb Valley in Sheffield and is set to be equally as much fun.

The event began in Ecclesall Woods in 1978 and the concept was based on the Scandinavian relays of Jukola and Tiomila. Over 80 teams took part in the first year and now 33 years later the event returns to the suburbs of Sheffield.

The Harvester Relay is an overnight orienteering relay competition for teams of seven (A relay) or five (B relay) runners. The A relay starts around midnight and the first couple of legs are run at night with the remainder starting and finishing in the light. B Relay runners start an hour and a half after the A race.

This year the event is taking place in July and being organised by ShUOC who are putting on a packed weekend of orienteering which includes the Harvester relay.

  • 16th July Daytime - Middle distance race in Sheffield
  • 16th July - Ultrasprint in assembly arena in the Evening
  • 17th July Midnight - Harvester Relay
  • 17th July Daytime - Urban race from assembly arena

In 2010 we ran in the B class as a non-competitive combined club team and 3 of the 5 of us were new to the Harvester. It would be great to see a couple of teams (SOS or even combined SOS+Suffoc) enter this year in either the A or B classes. The B course leg lengths range from 4 to 7km and TD3 to TD5, so something for everyone in either darkness or daylight!

This year with Jenny's help we also have a formal BOF Neighbouring Club Alliance with Suffoc for relay events which opens up the option of entering a competitive team in the A class.

If you are interested in taking part in the relay please let either Jenny or myself know.

SMOC Greensand Ridge Relays - Saturday 25th June 2011 - Peter Warland (SOS) and Neil Carter (SUFFOC)

Organised by SMOC, this is a handicap Relay Race for teams of six who run consecutive legs from Leighton Buzzard to Northill Church (near Sandy). The "way-marked" long distance footpath known as the Greensand Ridge Walk (see http://www.greensandridgewalk.co.uk/) governs the majority of the route, however there are a couple of small exceptions where a detour is made for safety or logistical reasons. The principle of the race is that finding your way is part of the challenge so unlike most running races there are no marshals to guide you along the route so some navigation is required; no problem for us orienteers but a shock to some of the running clubs.

At the start each team is issued with an SI dibber, which is the relay baton and used to record each leg time before being passed to the next leg runner. Each team's start time is determined by their overall team handicap, which is based on the sex and age group of each runner. The aim of the handicap system is for teams to finish at 5pm; however trophies for the event include "The Greensand Ridge Shield" which is awarded to the first team across the Finish Line i.e. the team that beats its handicap time by the greatest margin. The total race distance is 33.4 miles, with leg lengths ranging from 3.9 to 8 miles (that's 6.3 to 12.9 km to us orienteers). You may recall (Newsletter Vol. 21 No. 4) a SUFFOC+SOS Alliance team took part in 2010 and achieved a respectable 22nd placing overall (25th in the handicap competition). Our idea was to have a bit of a fun run over the summer and tick off another East Anglian orienteering (well almost!) event. Last year's weather was great and a nice day was had by all (the post run warm down is in pub next to Northill Church).

This year we hope to build on our previous success and enter a couple of teams. For further event details, including photos and results from 2010 see the SMOC web site at http://www.smoc.info/GSRR/index.shtml

If you are interested in taking part in the relay please let either Neil or I know. (nj.carter@lineone.net smwarland@aol.com)

Training with Coconuts - How it's done - Jack Isbester

At the age of 65, after almost 30 years of orienteering, a painful back stopped me from running. Finding that my back did not hurt when I was hunched over the handlebars I took up cycling which enabled me to maintain a level of fitness. After five years I found that running actually eased my back pain so I resumed orienteering but continued to do my training on a bike.

After some years I was forced to recognise that cycling might keep my heart and lungs in trim but didn't do much for my running speed - I was slower than people whom I used to beat, and I could no longer run as fast as Jenny Collyer and Hilary Sellens. I decided that I must resume running training and, intermittently for the last year, that is what I have done.

I am fortunate that 500 metres away from my home, at the end of nearby Bull Lane, there is a 100 m stretch of straight and level footpath. The ground is soft underfoot and hedges provide shelter, as shown in this photo:

Each morning I jog very gently from my home to the training area, easing the rheumaticky aches in my feet, my ankles, my knees, my back and my neck. And then, when I reach my favourite stretch of footpath, I launch myself into my first sprint. It might not look to you like a sprint, but it's a lot faster than my jog.

I jog back 100 m and launch myself again, and again, and again - most of you will recognise this as Interval Training. Over a period of days and weeks I increase the number of repetitions - I'm currently on 17. When the ground is exceptionally muddy I do my repetitions on the next section of lane - shown below:

It stays dry because it slopes a little. A few days before major orienteering events I 'taper off', stopping sprinting and just doing some gentle jogging to try to avoid being tired before I start. So where do the coconuts come into it?

Did I say 'coconuts'? I meant walnuts! When you are sprinting time after time it is easy to lose track of how many sprints you have completed. Start with 10 walnuts in one pocket and pass one to your other pocket at the start of each sprint. That can help you to keep track, and you will find that the walnuts rattle cheerfully when you run.

Stragglers' League - Andrew Cordle

The League has been running for three and a half years now, and despite my tweaking of the handicaps, Jenny Collyer and Richard Bonnett seem to have been in the joint lead for most of it. Richard will need maximum points from one of the next couple of events to stay on top, but Jenny is sure to keep maximum points at least until September. Congratulations are due to Lyn West and John Russell, who recently scored maximum points for the first time.

To see where you are in the League, which events you can gain points at, and to brush on on the rules, visit http://www.stragglers.info/league.

Other Leagues are available...

The East Anglian League allows you to compete agsainst others of the same age class in the East of England. Each club holds one event a year. The next event after Writtle is at Maulden Woods on 27th Fevruary. Details at http://eaoa.org.uk/league.php.

Under the new unified National Rankings scheme, you acheive points based on your performance and that of other ranked competitors in Level B and Level C events (roughy corresponding to old District, Regional and National, or Colour Coded, Badge and National events. Rules are at http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/images/uploaded/downloads/events_appendix_k.pdf. You can see how you are doing against other Stragglers at http://www.britishorienteering.org.uk/index.php?pg=rankings&club=35&pagesize=100&bSearch=Search.

This Summer SOS will be joining SUFFOC in their Summer League. You choose either the Yellow or Orange/Light Green courses and compete against everyone running the same course, handicapped by age class. More details later.

Club Nights

! Back for a new season !


Thursdays 7.30 to 8.30 then refreshments available till 9pm.
The first week Thursday 24th Feb will include a special Junior trail.
No School in the morning so bring a friend!
The sessions are free for your first 3 weeks then £2/£1 after. Max £5 per family.
All welcome - bring a friend!!
16 yrs and under must be accompanied by an adult.

Dress suitable for weather as there will be some outdoor activities when weather/light conditions permit and some indoor work.
Bring a drink and a torch if possible - all other resources supplied.
Exercises for beginners and experienced orienteers.
Help always available.

Contact Julie Laver if you have any queries - julie.laver@virgin.net 01206 826152.

The programme will include fun activities and fitness as well as Night and Street O sessions.
Further info will be posted on the web site when available.

ESSOL News - Julie Laver

The Essex and Suffolk Schools orienteering league season is well underway with only 2 events left. Your best five scores count towards your league total.

Up to this season the league was for Juniors in the SOS and SUFFOC areas but new for this year we have included WAOC and HAVOC juniors and so we have some new names and faces at the events.

To be included in the league you do not have to enter through your school but please ensure your School and year are included on the registration form when you fill it in. No shadowing is allowed although junior pairs are.

Please make it clear in your registration form if you are shadowing /being shadowed and also declare non-competitive second runs.

Full details and comprehensive rules are available on the SOS website but I can deal with any enquiries or corrections. julie.laver@virgin.net or phone 01206 826152.

Results so far:
Up to Y 6 BoysUp to Y 6 Girls
Matthew Clarke - Barnardiston PrepGeorgia Gower - St Andrews Halstead
Lewis Crow - St Andrews HalsteadCatherine Mole - Stonham Aspal
Angus Dudley - Barnardiston PrepSaskia Baldrey - Barnardiston Prep
Y7/8 BoysY7/8 Girls
Timmy Harrison - Barnardiston PrepBronwen Mansel - Beyton Middle
Jack Gilbey - Barnardiston PrepJessica Woodgate - Barnardiston Prep
Lewis Cooper - NetherhallEmma Clarke - Barnardiston Prep
Y9/10 BoysY9/10 Girls
Roderick Mansel - County UpperRhiannon Ware - Colne Community
Bryn Wilkinson - Copleston HighRachael Harrison - The Perse
Nicholas Harrison - Debenham HighMiriam Norris
Y11/12/13 BoysY11/12/13 Girls
Jonathan Cronk - Hills Rd 6th formBeth Albon
Thomas Louth - The PerseSteph Tucker
Alex Ware - Colchester 6th formSarah Roach - St Marys

Team Trophy Places after 7 rounds

1st - Barnardiston Preparatory School
2nd - St Andrews, Halstead
3rd - Kings College School,Cambs

For full listings please go to ESSOL page on the SOS website http://stragglers.info/schools.

Well done to all who have taken part so far. There will be a medal and team trophy presentation at the last event which is also the East Anglian School Champs so I hope to meet plenty of you there. Please ensure I have your correct Name, School name and year before then.

ESSOL fixtures remaining

27th Marck - Hylands Park (SOS)
22nd May - Highwoods (SOS)

Please note these are preliminary fixtures and participants are advised to check Club websites before travelling -

Special events - Saturday Activities - Julie Laver

Mini events and CATIs. First Saturday of each month.

The club is putting on some more of these these low key events as they proved popular with club members in the Autumn. They are suitable for all club members as we put on a variety of courses and formats but with not the same extensive range to reduce the need for as many volunteer officials as 'normal' events. It is also a good way to 'learn the ropes' so if you would like to have a go at planning or organising but are put off by the scale of our bigger events this is the way to go. You will get full support from an experienced club member. Just speak to a committee member for more information or contact me - see below.

The next few month's provisional programme is as follows (Please confirm arrangements on the website before travelling) -

Mar 5th Central Park, Chelmsford
Apr 2nd Maldon Prom Park
May 7th Castle Park, Colchester.

Dress suitable for weather conditions. Bring drink - all other resources supplied. Refreshments available after the event. No toilets.

Help available. Non-members welcome - bring a friend!! Under 10 years must be accompanied by an adult unless otherwise stated.

It helps with map numbers if you can let us know you are coming but this is not essential

Contact me if you have any queries - julie.laver@virgin.net.

Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested, especially non-club members.

Orienteering Team Track Down the Treasure - St. Andrew's School

On 21st November St. Andrew's orienteering team went to the national competition at Wormley Woods. There was a long walk to the start with jokes hung on the trees! They weren't funny! At the start we were very nervous. Each pair or individual went up one by one and we cheered them on as they set off. It was very different to our normal Essex and Suffolk schools' league events because there were four different courses. The routes were woody and there were lots of hills and ditches. As we all came into the finish the crowds were cheering and shouting. We would like to thank all the parents for supporting us.


Primary Teams -
St. Andrew's 3rd Bronze medals (Team members - Jordan Findlater, Lewis Crow, Georgia Gower, Jack Edwards, Jonathan Quinn)

Age Class Teams -
Year 5 Boys 3rd Bronze medals (Team members - Jack Edwards, Jonathan Quinn, Dominic Emmerson, James Hamman, Benjamin Harrington)
Year 5 Girls (Incomplete Team - Chloe Cracknell, Daisy Partridge)
Year 6 Boys 5th (Team members - Lewis Crow, Callum Turner, Thomas Howlett, Elliot Swallow)
Year 6 Girls 2nd Silver medals (Team members - Jordan Findlater, Georgia Gower, Lucy Edwards, Amber Greaves, Poppy Holttum)

Individual -
Jordan Findlater 3rd Bronze medal

Reporters: Georgia Gower (Year 6), Benjamin Harrington and Jonathan Quinn (Year 5)

Well done to all those who took part and represented Essex Stragglers at national level - Editor.

Photo Gallery

Georgia Gower from St Andrew's, Halstead, taking part in the national competition at Wormley Woods
Amongst prize winners at the 2011 East Anglian Orienteering Championships at Croxton Heath were Rhiannon Ware, Hilary Sellens and Jenny Collyer. The trophies were presented by Caroline Louth, Chair of the East Anglian Orienteering Assocation. (Photos: Jack Isbester)

Fixtures in East Anglia and Nearby Regions - Dave Skinner

National Events which SOS members regularly attend are also included

The information provided below normally consists of Event Date, Region (eg EA = East Anglia), Event Grade , Event & Location Names and map reference. Organiser's contact details. Contact details, costs, closing date etc. for Pre-entry when provided. Whether Entry on the Day (EOD) is possible and the surcharge payable. The range of courses offered. The address of a website from which additional information can be obtained. Additional information in plain language.

At Essex Stragglers' events registration normally opens at 1000hrs, starts are from 1030hrs until 1230hrs and courses close at 1430hrs.

SOS Club Nights are not included - these will restart on 24thFebruary - see elsewhere in the newsletter and the SOS website for details.



Level A

Norfolk Weekend incorporating Midland Championships 19th Retro Event at NT Felbrigg Estate , NT Felbrigg Estate Cromer , TG195405
Organiser: Pat Bedder, alanb.noroc@btinternet.com, 01603 424589 Postal Entry: Alan Bedder, 21 Tills CloseSprowston,NORWICH, NR6 7QS, 01603 424589, dumpling@norfolkoc.co.uk. Cheques payable to Norfolk Orienteering Club Online entry through www.fabian4.co.uk Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,  Dogs: Dogs on Lead, Livestock area. Start Times: TBC www.norfolkoc.co.uk




20th National Event & Midland Championships , Sherringham Park & Weybourne Wood Sheringham , TG139410
Organiser: Alan Bedder, alanb.noroc@btinternet.com, 01603 424589 Postal Entry: Alan Bedder, 21 Tills Close,Sprowston,NORWICH, NR6 7QS, 01603 424589, dumpling@norfolkoc.co.uk. Cheques payable to Norfolk Orienteering Club Online entry through www.fabian4.co.uk Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: SI,    www.norfolkoc.co.uk


Level D

DFOK Kent Orienteering League , Downe Bromley , TQ419631
Organiser: Andrew Evans, andrew.evans444@btinternet.com   Entry On Day: Senior £4.00, Junior £1.00, Student £1.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  No dogs allowed. Start Times: 11 am to 12:30 pm www.dfok.co.uk


Level C

WAOC Colour-Coded and EA League Event , Maulden Woods Ampthill , TL074392
Organiser: Hazel Bickle, hjc1000@esc.cam.ac.uk, 01223 842416   Entry On Day: Senior £8.00, Junior £3.00, Student £3.00.  , Punch Type: SI,   Start Times: 10:30 - 12:30 www.waoc.org.uk




CATI, Central Park Chelmsford


Level D

Night Score Event , Cawston & Marsham Heaths Aylsham , TG165236
Organiser: Nick Pullen   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.norfolkoc.co.uk


Level B

Regional Event Epping South West , Epping Forest South West Chingford , TQ388963
Organiser: Janet Biggs, jbiggs6@tesco.net Postal Entry: Janet Biggs, 64 Windermere Road Muswell Hill, London, N10 2RG, 020 8883 2338, jbiggs6@tesco.net. Cheques payable to Janet Biggs Online entry through www.fabian4.co.uk Entry On Day: Senior £14.00, Junior £5.00, Student £14.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Not allowed in Gilwell Park event centre - must be left at entrance gate. Can be taken into competition area if under control. Start Times: 10.30 to 12.30 orienteering-havoc.co.uk


Level D

SLOW Night Street-O , tbc Poplar & Limehouse , TQ370808
Organiser: Martin Evans, signpost@talk21.com, 02075151797   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.sloweb.org.uk


Level A

TVOC Southern Championships National Event, FCC and UK Cup , Hambleden Henley , SU765865
Organiser: John Dalton, hambleden2011@btinternet.com, 07767362805  Online entry through www.Fabian4.co.uk Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: EMIT,  Dogs: On leads in car park. Not allowed in the forest.  www.tvoc.org.uk


Level C

CHIG District Event , Wanstead Park Ilford , TQ416872
Organiser: Kate Brett, katebrett1@googlemail.com, 020 8530 8372   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs allowed. Start Times: 10.30am - 12noon 


Level C

SOS Colour Code Event inc. ESSOL , Hylands Park Chelmsford , TL680048
Organiser: Nancy Powell Davies, powell.davies@btinternet.com, 01376 562657   Entry On Day: Senior £7.00, Junior £2.00, Student £2.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs under control Start Times: 10.30-12.30 stragglers.info




Mini-event, Maldon Promenade, tbc


Level C

LEI Regional Event , Cademan & Thringstone Woods Whitwick , SK435175
Organiser: Chris Phillips, onecphillips@lineone.net Postal Entry: EMOA Champs, 63 Loughborough Road, QuornLeicester., LE12 8UD. Cheques payable to Leicestershire Orienteering Club  Entry On Day: Senior £14.00, Junior £5.00, Student £5.00.  , Punch Type: SI,   Start Times: 10.30am to 12.30pm leioc.org.uk


Level A

British Middle Distance Championships, Worthlodge Forest, Crawley, West Sussex. , Worthlodge Forest Crawley , TQ310350
Organiser: Neil Crickmore, n.crickmore@sussex.ac.uk   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,  No dogs allowed.  www.bsbm2011.org.uk


Level D

SLOW Night Street-O , tbc Highbury & Islington , TQ316847
Organiser: Andrew Brown, brooner@nopesport.com, 01667 453251   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.sloweb.org.uk


Level C

WAOC Cambridge Urban Event , Coe Fen and Cambridge  Cambridge , TL447573
Organiser: Peter Woods   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: SI,  No dogs allowed. Start Times: 10:30 - 12:30 www.waoc.org.uk


Level C

NOR Colour Code Event , Ken Hill Estate Hunstanton , TF675349
Organiser: Alan Bedder, alanb.noroc@btinternet.com, 01603 424589   Entry On Day: Senior £0.00, Junior £0.00, Student £0.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs allowed in Assembly/Car parking field only. Start Times: Registration 10.00 - 12.00Starts  10.30 - 12.30Courses Close 14.30 www.norfolkoc.co.uk



Level A

Jan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival 22nd JAN KJELLSTROM ORIENTEERING FESTIVAL , Stranmillis University College Belfast
Organiser: Stephen Gilmore, Stephen.Gilmore@btinternet.com   No Entry On Day. Entries Close: TBC , Punch Type: None,  No dogs allowed.  http://www.jk2011.org.uk




Organiser: Colin Henderson, colin.henderson@gmx.co.uk   No Entry On Day. Entries Close: TBC , Punch Type: None,  No dogs allowed.  http://www.jk2011.org.uk




Organiser: Colin Henderson, colin.henderson@gmx.co.uk   No Entry On Day. Entries Close: TBC , Punch Type: None,  No dogs allowed.  http://www.jk2011.org.uk




Organiser: Wilson McAlister, wilson.mcalister@jti.com   No Entry On Day. Entries Close: TBC , Punch Type: None,  No dogs allowed.  http://www.jk2011.org.uk/




CATI, Castle Park Colchester, tbc


Level C

SAX district event , Ightham tbc , TQ582557
Organiser: Nick Hope, chairman@saxons-oc.org, 01634 231487   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    

14th-1 14-15th

Level A

British Orienteering Championships 14th British Orienteering Championships - Individual , Wharncliffe and Greno Woods Sheffield , SK323955
Organiser: Martin Ward, martinandlesley@blueyonder.co.uk , 0114 220 9553   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: SI,    www.boc2011.org.uk




15th British Orienteering Championships - Relays , Tankersley Woods Sheffield/Barnsley , SK343980
Organiser: Richard Wren, richard.wren@talktalk.net   Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: SI,  No dogs allowed.  


Level C

NOR Colour Code Event , Holt Counrty Park and Holt Lowes Holt , TG083372
Organiser: Alan Bedder, alanb.noroc@btinternet.com, 01603 424589   Entry On Day: Senior £0.00, Junior £0.00, Student £0.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs on Lead  Start Times: Registration 10.00 - 12.00Starts  10.30 - 12.30Courses Close 14.30 www.norfolkoc.co.uk




Level D

SOS Summer Evening Series - Event 1, location tbc, Entry On Day: Senior £2.00, Junior £1.00, Student £1.00


Level C

SEOA Sprint Champs , University of Kent Canterbury
Entry On Day: Senior £TBC, Junior £TBC, Student £TBC.  , Punch Type: None,    www.saxons-oc.org


Level C

SOS Colour Code Event inc. EA School Championships and  ESSOL , Highwoods Colchester , TL999270
Organiser: Edwin Banks, eddie@banksy.gotadsl.co.uk, 01376 321658   Entry On Day: Senior £7.00, Junior £2.00, Student £2.00.  , Punch Type: SI,  Dogs: Dogs under control Start Times: 10.30-12.30 http://stragglers.info


Level D

SUFFOC Summer Series ~ Event 1 , Brazier's Wood & Piper's Vale Ipswich , TM190410
Organiser: Simon Peck   Entry On Day: Senior £2.00, Junior £1.00, Student £1.00.  , Punch Type: None,   Start Times: 18:30 to 19:30 www.suffoc.co.uk/html/newsfix.html#Fixtures


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Essex Stragglers support the Woodland Trust and its objectives
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