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Newsletter Volume 21 No. 14

March 2013

Editors: Geraldine Russell and Rachel Barford - editors@stragglers.info

Club website - http://stragglers.info


Editorial - Rachel Barford

At the recent Committee meeting, it was suggested that the Newsletter become a rolling, on-going, on-line publication. Hopefully, with Andrew Cordle's continued web support, this will become a reality so that members can access the most recent Newsletter articles more regularly.

Thanks to all our contributors for their input this month; don't forget contributions are always welcome.

(Husband of the) Chairman's Chat - Colin West

It is the last month for Lyn's term as Chairman of British Orienteering, and I thought it was worth a brief review to mark this service to the greater orienteering world by a Straggler.

Lyn joined BOF Council in 2003, and worked with colleagues to reform the governance of the Federation which led to the creation of a Board in 2006 - so Council members became Directors of British Orienteering, and the Chairman was then elected by the Board not directly by members in general meeting. This change to a Board structure was ahead of its time, and is now promoted as best practice by govenrmernt funding bodies for all sports. Lyn became the second Chairman of the Board in 2010. She has to step down from the Board by rotation this next AGM and is not eligible for re-election having served the maximum number of terms.

Lyn has overseen and steered substantial further structural and governance changes in addition to the development of the Board. Economic times were hard, and it is always more difficult to manage a reduction in budget and the corresponding reduction in activity - and the reduction in number of employees - than when times are financially easier. Many hard decisions - which were taken by the Board, implemented by the staff - often attracted personal criticism for Lyn in the printed and on-line media.

Some of the elements of British Orienteering were not delivering optimally for orienteers, some were not looking to develop and safeguard the future of the sport. As the old cliché says: if you want things to continue like this, something's got to change! Again, change is never popular, and needs leadership - which I have seen Lyn give to the organisation. She leaves British Orienteering in a different place from ten years' ago - some history is needed to give perspective to the achievements of that decade of work, but it could be anticipated that the vision, inspiration and effort invested in her roles will bear fruit for the sport into future years. The award by Sport England of £2.4m to help fund the orienteering Whole Sport plan (announced in December) is the next stage to grow our sport.

On a very happy note, Lyn led the successful bid to bring the World Orienteering Championships to the UK in 2015. As a family, we were present when Yvette Hague (now Baker) won her Gold medal at Highland99 in Scotland - we intend to be in Inverness for Highland2015, competing and cheering on the Brits going for Gold at WOC.

What next for Lyn? Who knows - new challenges are always exciting, but participation in orienteering competition will continue, and Stragglers will get more time from Lyn as a volunteer.

Captain's Corner - Jenny Collyer

Congratulations to all who travelled to Headley Heath for the Compass Sport Trophy Qualifying Round. We did really well and won the Trophy Competition against seven other clubs. The results are on the SLOW web page. Everyone with 88 and over points were scorers (the three with 88 points can argue over which one of them counted!) and we won by 12 points over Mole Valley. This means we have qualified for the Final which takes place in the Forest of Dean on the 20th October. Write this date in your diaries now.

I have entered 10 teams in the JK Relays at Easter. You will see below the order I have entered you in. In all teams except the mini relay the middle leg is shorter. Let me know if you want any changes made to this order. If you have just decided you would like a run in a JK Relay team I have until the 10th March to do a late entry (this will cost a little more at £11/£5). We do have one spare runner at the moment so it would be nice to have two more to make up another team.

The cheapest closing date for entry to the British Relays was put back to the 31st March so you still have time to let me know if you would like a run in a relay team. The event is near Dorking on Sunday 4th May. (The Individual Championships are the previous day with an Urban race in Dorking on the Monday). So far we have enough interest for 7 or 8 teams so if you would like a run in this event and haven't already told me there is still time to do so. (£8/£3).

Eleanor WestEMIT 484083
Suzy Robertson
Nicola Robertson
Colin WestM55EMIT 406231
Steve KingM50
David SandersonM50155
ESenior Men 120+SOS WRITTLE
Clive TantM55
Karen EzardW55
Nina TantW21131
FSenior Women 120+SOS CASTLE PARK
Bridget KingW50
Sharon WarlandW45
Julie LaverW45140
Peter WarlandM45
Dave SkinnerM60
John WilliamsM60165
JIntermediate Men 48- (Green/Orange/Green)SOS DANBURY
Ben WarlandM16
Josh PartridgeM14
Jack RogersM1848
KIntermediate Women 48- (Green/Orange/Green)SOS CHALKNEY
Rhiannon WareW18
Lucy EdwardsW14
Daisy PartridgeW1446
MMini Relay M/W12- (3 X Yellow)SOS BROAKS
Jack EdwardsM12
Chloe CracknellW12
Lucy WarlandW10
OUltra Veterans 210+SOS HYLANDS
Lyn WestW55 (65)EMIT 405030
Geraldine RussellW65 (75)
Jenny CollyerW65 (75)EMIT 408609215
OUltra Veterans 210+SOS HATFIELD
John RussellM70
Jack IsbesterM75
John CollyerM65EMIT 408588210
NMixed Ad HocSOS HILLY FIELDS(running order not yet known)
Chris Childs (Long Green)
Alex Ware (Short Green)
Julie Pringle (Orange)

Orienteering in South Africa

Big Five-O 2014 Entries Now Open

The Big 5 O-Week organising committee, together with the South African Orienteering Federation, invite you to South Africa's second international five-day orienteering competition. The 5 events will take place in the country's eastern province of Mpumalanga, with each competition area taking place on a different map. Registration and four of the five days of competition will be centred on Kaapsehoop, an old historical gold mining village famous for its wild horses that sits atop the picturesque Great Escarpment of South Africa, 30km south-west of the city of Nelspruit. The final day of competition, a sprint event, takes place in Nelspruit on Saturday morning, just a short drive from the world famous Kruger National Park, the country of Swaziland and other tourist regions.

The Big Five O events are taking place in Kaapschehoop, Nelspruit and Nelshoogte. There are various categories of accommodation available in and around these areas. For the duration of The Big Five O, it is advisable to overnight in one place, and travel to and from the daily events.

Full details at www.bigfive-o.co.za.


ESSOL News - Julie Laver

After five ESSOL events we have the following results. New for this season we have introduced some extra classes to widen the appeal of the league and to better enable participants to judge their own and their schools/groups performance against those of similar age and ability. Check out the website for full details. Let me know if you like the changes or not! You could try to use the Stragglers Forum to air your views. The best six individual scores count towards your schools/group league total.
Y 3/4 BoysY 3/4 Girls
1stDaniel HagueMorley Memorial1stLucy WarlandIxworth Primary
2ndBen Styman-HSt Andrews, Halstead2ndLucy WalkerSt Andrews, Halstead
3rdBen PartridgeSt Andrews, Halstead3rdRosy BirdSt Andrews, Halstead
Y 5/6 BoysY 5/6 Girls
1stJack EdwardsSt Andrews, Halstead1stEmily WilliamsBarnardiston Prep
2ndSamuel HagueMorley Memorial2ndMaisie Waller-ToyneBarnardiston Prep
3rdJoshua BuistSt Andrews, Halstead3rdTilly SalmonMonkwick Jnrs
Y7/8 BoysY7/8 Girls
1stCallum TurnerThe Ramsey College1stDaisy PartridgeHedingham School
2ndMatthew ClarkeBarnardiston Prep2ndGeorgia GowerThe Ramsey College
3rdJasper Waller-ToyneTLA3rdLucy EdwardsThe Ramsey College
Y9/10 BoysY9/10 Girls
1stTimmy HarrisonThe Perse1stBronwen ManselCounty Upper
2ndJosh PartridgeHedingham School2ndStephanie WarePhilip Morant
3rdBen WarlandThurston3rdEmma ClarkeThe Perse
Y11/12/13 BoysY11/12/13 Girls
1stRoderick ManselCounty Upper1stRhiannon WareCCHS
2ndBryn WilkinsonCopleston High2ndRachel HarrisonThe Perse
3rdJack RodgersSuffolk New College=3rdGenevieve CookFarlingaye College
Jessie BackhouseFarlingaye College

Whole Team Trophy
1st - St Andrews, Halstead
2nd - Barnardiston Preparatory School
3rd - The Ramsey College

Junior (up to Y6) Team results
1st - St Andrews, Halstead
2nd - Barnardiston Preparatory School
3rd - Morley Memorial

Senior (Y7+) Team results
1st - The Ramsey College
2nd - Barnardiston Preparatory School
3rd - Hedingham School

Well done to all of the above!

For full listings please go to ESSOL page on the SOS website http://stragglers.info/schools.

If you know any schools which might be interested in the League I would be happy to send further details.

To be included in the league you do not have to enter through your school but please ensure your School and year are included on the registration form when you fill it in.

No shadowing is allowed although junior pairs are. A related adult or supervising person who wishes to run the same course as the competitor must leave at least 10 minutes after competitor has started their run before setting off on their own run for white and yellow courses and at least 15 minutes for other courses.

Competitors having a second run on the day must declare themselves non-competitive for the second course and will not receive points for the second run and neither will any partner who runs with them.

Full details and comprehensive rules are available on the SOS website http://stragglers.info/schools but I can deal with any enquiries or corrections. julie.laver@virgin.net or phone 01206 826152.

Preliminary ESSOL fixtures for the remainder of this season
17 Mar 2013Writtle ForestSOS
28 Apr 2013Langdon HillsHAVOC
19 May 2013The NazeSOS

Please note these are preliminary fixtures and participants are advised to check Club websites before travelling

Junior Awards - Julie Laver

The following SOS Juniors and affiliated schools' pupils have been awarded colour code badges and Explorer Challenge Certificates -

Explorer Challenge
No awards

White colour code badge
Ben Partridge
Lucy Walker
Thomas Martin
Rosy Bird
Maisie Waller-Toyne

Yellow colour code badge
Lucy Warland
Jasper Waller Toyne
Elliot Moore

Light Green colour code badge
Jack Rodgers
Josh Partridge

Green colour code badge
Daisy Partridge

To enter for the Explorer Challenge you need to pick up a log book from enquiries at any SOS event, record the number of controls you visit in your first run (even if you do not complete the course), then for every 25 points you get a certificate is awarded. Participants may be shadowed for this award.

To obtain a colour code badge you must complete three 1st runs at that colour course in par time without shadowing. For the white badge only pairs may be counted if neither partner has earned their colour badge at that level and the course just has to be successfully completed. Open to Adults and Juniors.

To obtain any of these awards please contact Julie Laver julie.laver@virgin.net.

Fixtures - David Skinner

Fixtures in East Anglia and Nearby Regions - National Events which SOS members regularly attend are also included

The information provided below normally consists of Event Date, Club, Region (eg EA = East Anglia), Event Grade, Event & Location Names and map reference. Organiser's contact details. Contact details, costs, closing date etc. for Pre-entry when provided. Whether Entry on the Day (EOD) is possible and the surcharge payable. The range of courses offered. The address of a website from which additional information can be obtained. Additional information in plain language.

At Essex Stragglers' events registration normally opens at 1000hrs, starts are from 1030hrs until 1230hrs and courses close at 1430hrs, but this may vary.

SOS Club Nights are generally not included - see SOS website for details.



Level C

Chicksands Wood Colour Coded and Yvette Baker Trophy Heat, Chicksands Wood, Shefford, TL106411
Entry times: Starts 10:30 - 12:30. Dogs: See event specific web page on WAOC web site nearer the time of the event.
Organiser: Ian Lawson ,ianh.lawson@ntlworld.com


Level D

SOS Mid-week Winter Street Event Springfield, Chelmsford 
Organiser: John Williams , jcw351@hotmail.com , 01245 351583


Level C

Colour-coded event Writtle Forest incorporating EA League and EA Championships, Writtle Forest, Chelmsford 
Organiser: Geraldine Russell , grmrussell@gmail.com , 01206 272761


Level D

Rowney Warren Night Event, Rowney Warren, Shefford, TL123403
Entry times: 6.45pm - 7.30pm. Dogs: Dogs on lead in car park and must be on lead when crossing minor road..
Organiser: Peter Woods , peter_woods@ntlworld.com


Level C

Sth Norfolk Colour Coded Event, Lynford Forest, Thetford, TL819940
Entry times: 10.00 to 12.00. Dogs: Dogs on Lead Please.
Organiser: Helen Lloyd


Level A

Jan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival - Sprint (UKOL5) style='font-family: Arial'>, Whiteknights Campus, Reading, SU733719
Entry times: 12:00 - 16:00. Dogs: On leads at all times.
Organiser: Luke McNeill


Level A

Jan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival (First Day of UKOL6), Hambleden, Henley, SU772855
Dogs: On lead at all times, in car park and assembly only.
Organiser: Jon Wheatcroft


Level A

Jan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival (UKOL6 uses combined result), Cold Ash, Newbury, SU520737
Dogs: On leads at all times, in car park/assembly only.
Organiser: Liz Yeadon



Level A

Jan Kjellstrom Orienteering Festival - Relays, Hambleden, Henley, SU772855
Dogs: On leads at all times, only in car park and assembly.
Organiser: Scott Collier


Level C

SE Middle Distance Championships, Bagshot, tbc 


Level D

Keyne-O, OU & Woughton, Milton Keynes 


Level C

Nth Norfolk Colour Coded Event, Pretty Corner, Sheringham, TG154417
Entry times: 10.00 to 12.00. Dogs: On Lead.
Organiser: Derry Kelleher


Level A

British Sprint Championships (UKOL7), Loughborough University, Loughborough, SK516187
No dogs allowed.
Organiser: Robert Haskins , bobh@piperdrive.co.uk , 01509 842449


Level A

British Middle Distance Championships (UKOL8), Stanton Moor, Matlock 
Organiser: Sal Chaffey , sal.chaffey@gmail.com


Level C

HAVOC Langdon Hills EA League, SWELL & ESSOL style='font-family: Arial'>, Langdon Hills Country Park, Basildon, TQ680865
Dogs: Dogs to be kept under control.



Level D

BOC13 warm up event, The Chantries, Guildford, TQ011482
Entry times: 11:00 - 16:00. Dogs allowed.
Organiser: Gary Strowbridge , garystrowbridge@btinternet.com


Level A

British Orienteering Championships (UKOL9) style='font-family: Arial'>, Winterfold, Guildford 
Organiser: Andy Robinson


Level A

British Relay Championships, tbc, South East 
Organiser: Mike Elliot


Level B

BOC Weekend Urban Race, Dorking, Dorking, TQ168503
Organiser: Simon Ling , simon@simonling.org.uk


Level C

NW Norwich Colour Coded Event, Houghen Plantation, Norwich 
Organiser: Alan Bedder


Level D

SOS Colour Coded Event The Naze incorporating ESSOL, The Naze, Walton on the Naze 
Organiser: David Lumby


Level B

Springtime in Shropshire Urban Event (UKOL10), Shropshire, Ludlow 


Level B

Springtime in Shropshire (UKOL11), Brown Clee Hill, Ludlow, SO615854
Organiser: Lester Evans , 01299 832053

SOS Activities 2012 - David Skinner

While most of our members regularly enjoy our main programme of orienteering events, perhaps some members are not fully aware of the background Activities that Julie Laver and her club Development Team lay on to progress the development of the sport within our area.

In the 2012 calendar year 87 unique Activities were organised or supported by SOS and the total participation was 1628 people sessions, a substantial step increase on 2010 (914). Examples of the Activities that were facilitated are:

  • After-school coaching for St Andrew's and Ramsey Schools, Halstead, instrumental in their success at National level in the British Schools Orienteering Championships and British School Score Championships
  • Regular weekly Club Nights at Wivenhoe
  • Two 'Come And Try it' events in Castle Park, Colchester
  • Two major coaching sessions in Hylands Park attracting some 230 participants
  • Coaching at Sible Hedingham, Felsted and Great Totham Schools
  • A series of coaching sessions in Notley Country Park
  • 6 Chelmsford Activity Night sessions
  • An Adult coaching session in Colchester United Football stadium
  • Involvement in the Primary Schools Sports Festival - 102 participants
  • First use of newly mapped Galleywood Common for a training session.

Julie and her team are congratulated on the exceptional and successful efforts they made in 2012 to ensure the success of the development of orienteering within Essex, a record of achievement which will be difficult to surpass in 2013!


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Essex Stragglers support the Woodland Trust and its objectives
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Essex Stragglers' development activities are supported by Sport England

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