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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

September 2005

Editors: Jenny and John Collyer, email


Editorial - Jenny and John Collyer

There are (or maybe), some items missing from this edition of the Newsletter.We apologise if something you submitted has not appeared; you can be assured we have not wielded our editorial censoring powers, the truth is more mundane.

We thought the wrapping up of this edition could be achieved following a break added onto the Dales Trophy trip; surely the two full days after our return would be plenty of time to retrieve further emails, edit, copy and get theprinting done. Enter the actions of our Internet Service Provider!

Prior to leaving for the Dales, we had trouble dialling-up for a couple of days and after some phone calls were reassured that although there were one or two problems being sorted out, they were definitely not going bust. On return, the dial-up number would not access the server and a letter was waiting informing us that they had passed our details onto Demon, who would operate our account as before. A chat with Demon however revealed that due to the ISP ceasing to trade, all our emails after September 5th were irretrievable.

If you have sent something to us, including some event write-ups we asked for, we can only offer our apologies as the situation was definitely beyond our control. By default of course, if you have not sent something but would like to subsequently forward an article, we shall never know if it was on time or not!

The only remedial action we were able to take was a quick trip to Tiptree to ensure that Jack's Fixture List appeared. Our new email account will be operational from about September 22nd and the address for the next Newsletter will be -

Chairman's Chat - Martin Sellens

Well, I hope you all enjoyed what passed for the summer (actually, as I write it has been sunny for almost a week, but my hopes were unrealistically raised by predictions of heat waves and Saharan droughts). The reports I heard of the Scottish were fulsome in their praise of the maps, the courses and the beauty of Royal Deeside but I have not heard anything from those who ventured further afield (aforest?). I look forward to reading about your orienteering perambulations in this newsletter.† Sellens orienteering expeditions were limited to the Stragglers Relays (excellent; you should really try one sometime) and sundry other small events on Wivenhoe Park. Sadly, we shall also be missing the Hatfield Forest Regional event and East Anglian Champs, so if you are reading this before your run, good luck, and if afterwards, never mind, there's always next year. I hope the event went well. If you weren't there, why not? We need brilliant orienteers like you to get out more, or help with the organization on the day if you aren't quite at the peak of fitness necessary to haul a map and compass round the forest.

There are one or two bits of business; so before I forget -

I know you are all waiting on tenterhooks for the article on nutritional supplements, but I'm afraid you will have to dangle there a bit longer.†† I'm off on holiday with the family to Turkey tomorrow and there's still packing to be done.† So I wish you well. As we return over Hatfield Forest on 18th we'll give you a wave or wing waggle.† Be fit and be in the forest. You know it makes sense.

Captain's Corner - Jenny Collyer


I am hoping as many of you as possible will be able to make the trip to Clowbridge, near Burnley and help Stragglers to bring this Trophy back to Essex.†† I will be chasing around on Sunday at Hatfield Forest taking down lots of names .† A few people have told me they are going - usually at odd times like at an event start - hence I don't actually have any names written down yet! If I don't see you at Hatfield Forest could you let me know in the next few days, please.† Also let me know if you have acquired a new ecard. Email after Thurs. 22nd Sept or tel. 01787 370947 now.

SOS Notice Board

SOS AGM - 21st October

The notice for the AGM is included with this newsletter and also more details in 'Chairman's Chat'.


All juniors who are comfortable with running Yellow and have tried Orange without being put off are invited to join the East Anglian Development Squad. Please see 'Chairman's Chat' for more details.

Event Reports

Scottish Six Day - Royal Deeside 2005 - Team Maggot Report - Sarah Park

We already knew what to expect from a Scottish 6 Day event, being a 'veteran' family from Strathspey '95 (I did the string course as a W4!) and Moray '03. With Bert having just joined the teaching profession, and facing his first 6 week summer holiday, we decided that Team Maggot (Bert, Sarah (me), James and Michael) would make an early start. We left home on Tuesday morning and drove up to the Lake District, by 5 o'clock that afternoon we were on top of Scarfell Pike. We then moved on to Fort William and climbed Ben Nevis having already done Snowdon, this completed our set of highest peaks in Great Britain.

At the last Scottish six we didn't camp, so this year for a change we decided to camp at the event centre, which was ok, although we won't be missing the ' porta poo's'. We liked the idea of the beer tent, and the entertainment was good. The showers off site at the various locations were good but the ones on site were cold, so we avoided using them.

Day 1- Cambus O'May

We liked the fact that the starts were not too far from the car park, despite this, I had a late start because I read my time upside down and turned up at 11.20 instead of 11.02. But the effective use of 'dimples' had my start time changed. The map had a lot of contour detail on it and I think this contributed to the fact that this was my worst day†making a big mistake, it was Michael's best day, coming in his highest position for the whole event 22nd. The Team Maggot run in time competition - every event we race to see who can get the fastest run in time. Today James and Bert were tied at the top with 24 seconds each.

Day 2- Scolty

Today's Assembly 'field' was in a nice foresty area, and very close to event centre. Overall the map had less contour detail on it than the previous day. Today turned out to be Bert's best day scoring 1039 points and coming in his highest position for the whole event 30th, and Michael's worse scoring a record breaking low of 68 points. The run in turned out to be a challenge being very narrow and bumpy, but again James and Bert drew with a time of 34 seconds.

Day 3 - Glen Feardar

Courses today had the most climb of all of the days.† James, Michael and I ran on the Inver East map which was based on an oval shaped hill. Bert ran on the Glen Fearder Map which had a lot of complex contours. Today turned out to be my best day scoring 1099 points despite the climb. Team Maggot competition update -† James and Bert were keen to see if either one of them could finally take the top spot, the run in was down hill, the times today were overall faster but again they drew with 16 seconds.

Rest Day - Park-O

Today the Parks took part in the Park-O! James, Michael and I ran the medium course with James finishing with and impressive time of 10.13 (11th/48). Bert ran the Long course, who also had a good run. But still managed to rip his leg to pieces, following on from his cut back last time out at Park-O, it seems Park-O trees are less 'bendy'. We really enjoyed the Park-O, especially as we got to use the EMIT system which we had never used before. Team Maggot competition update- With James and Bert determined to beat each other today was looking like a good opportunity, as the run in would be smooth and flat. But again they tied with a time of 20 seconds. James said the only reason he hadn't beaten Bert was because he had been hit by a Frisbee?

Day 4 - Allt Cailleach

The shorter courses that James, Michael and I ran were confined in to a very small area and we often found ourselves in the same place over and over again. But we understand that because of the various out of bounds areas this could not have been avoided without making the courses too long. The courses also had a lot of climb, a lot more than we were used to. Fortunately none of us had the 4.1km 150m climb to the start, but we feel for those of you who did. Today was James's worst day, and an average day for the rest of us. Team Maggot competition update - By now we didn't think that James or Bert would ever be able to beat each other, well today one of them did, only by a second, but it was enough that person was---Bert with a time of 22 seconds.

Day 5 - Bogendriep

Today's courses were a lot shorter and had a lot less climb than all of the other days which meant that most of us scored very well. We also had late starts and a few paths had been made by earlier runners. Today turned out to be James best day scoring 1034 points and coming in his highest position of 26th. I also did well scoring 1050 points and coming in my best position of the competition 4th. Michael also had his best score of the whole event 819 points. Team Maggot competition update- Today being the last day that we could race James was determined to beat Bert, the run in was challenging having to climb over a fence and go down a steep slope. Bert beat James today by 2 seconds with a time of 55 seconds. He says his win was down to 'checking the run in on his way to the start' very cunning!!

Unfortunately we didn't get to race day six as Bert had to get back to his first day as a Steward at Portman road. Come on you blues!!

Team Maggot Results-

Sarah - 4109 points - Bronze badge standard (Very close to Silver) - 9th out of 15 on W16B
James- 3835 points - Bronze badge standard - 37thout of 56 on M14A
Michael- 2649 points - 30th out of 32 on M12A
Bert- 3938 points - Bronze badge standard -†47th out of 92 on M40L

We have learned a lot from this experience and from looking at my scores I can see that I improved as the days went on. We also enjoyed it a lot. We are looking forward to Spey 2007 and we already have the car sticker!!

Other Straggler's results (in top ten)
Andy Malley - M45S - 8th
Hazel Tant - W20L†-†5th††
Ann Roller - W35L - 5th
Jenny Collyer - W60L†- 4th

Wentwood Forest - Woodland Trust calls for 'One final push' - Jack Isbester

The Woodland Trustis currently campaigning to raise funds to save Wentwood forest on the borders of South Wales,from commercial development.†† The site includes almost 900 acres of ancient woodland with unique landscape, biodiversity and environmental value which risks total destruction if not put in the care of the Trust.

I recall competing in the Wentwood Double, two orienteering events in one day which were further distinguished by the fact that two inches of snow had fallen the previous night.

My ship was in Cardiff or Newport at the time (I think it must have been in the mid or late 1970s) and I contacted the local orienteering club for an introduction to someone who would take me to the event. I think I recall that the maps were 1970s style black and white photocopies.†† He probably cursed his foolishness in volunteering because after the morning event he had had enough but weakly agreed to wait while I ran the afternoon event too.†† We were both pretty chilly by the time he returned me to my ship.

The Woodland Trust have raised a great deal of money for this purchase but to beat the opposition (commercial developers) have had to raise their offer by £250,000 and are appealing for more help from anyone who loves forests. ††

If you want to give them your support you can contact them on Tel. 0800 026 9650 and

Godfrey Pool - Derek Keeble


Occasionally I†derived benefit fom a skinny dip in a wild loch to compensate for lack of post-race showers at remote orienteering locations. Never, no matter how badly hurt, was I indulged with sports injury medication.† Such treatment then seemed to be the reserved for Russia and East Germany; not here.

'But things they are a-changing' as I heard sung. This June I returned from a Wanderlust holiday ,† ready-steeped in skinny dips a-plenty, thanks to the facilities purchased with my hotel accommodation:† but sorrowfully lame; I needed help.† ††††††

A quick sports remedy to get rid of the pain and to have me ready for the October Wanderlust along the Saxon Shore Way in Kent was the call.

It was then I discovered Godfrey Pool.

He proved to be an efficient practitioner in Remedial and Sports Massage.†† During a short sequence of consultations with him I received much massage plus Ultra-Sound and Interferential treatments. Soon my normal 2005 gait was restored. Consultations continue as remedies for other malfunctions are sought.

If Remedial and Sports Massage services are increasing but still not too readily available, you might like to keep Godfrey Pool's location details in your diary. 4 Reaper Road is in Prettygate, King Harold Road which is a turning from the B1022 road to Tiptree out of Colchester. His telephone is†01206 - 515289.

Keep happy feet.

Fixtures in East Anglia and Nearby Regions

The information provided below normally consists of Event Date, Region (eg EA = East Anglia), Event Grade and Type (Grade 1 is highest grade, Grade 5 is lowest.†† Type C is a conventional Cross Country event in which controls must be visited in the sequence listed on the description sheet).†† Event & Location Names and map reference.†† Organiser's contact details.†† Contact details, costs, closing date etc. for Pre-entry when provided.†† Whether Entry on the Day (EOD) is possible and the surcharge payable.†† The range of courses offered.†† The address of a website from which additional information can be obtained.†† Additional information in plain language.

At Essex Stragglers' events registration normally opens at 1000hrs, starts are from 1030hrs until 1230hrs and courses close at 1430hrs.


September 2005




WAOC Local Event. Rowney Warren, Shefford. TL/123405.



Ursula Oxburgh, 01223357199. £4.00/£1.50. EPS-SI. String course. Dogs on leads. Please check WAOC website or organiser for final details of courses.



SUFFOC Come and Try It Event. Shrubland Park, Needham Market. TL/868820.



Louise Walker, 07766 216594. £2.00/£1.00. White to Red. Parking £1.00. Dogs on leads.


October 2005



DFOK District Event & SE Regional Round of Yvette Baker Trophy. Lesnes Abbey Wood, South East London. TQ/474789.



Andrew Evans, 01959 522759. £4.50/£2.00. EPS-SI. SE Orienteering Answerphone: 020 8948 6056.



SOS District Event, Yvette Baker Trophy Eliminator & ESSOL. Chalkney, Earls Colne. TL/872280.



Hilary Sellens, 01206 766560. £5.00/£2.00. EPS-SI. White to Blue.



CompassSport Cup Final



16th - CompassSport Cup Final. Clowbridge, South of Burnley. GR/820280.



Organiser: Caroline Barcham, 01706 221765.



Entries: Paul Turner, 19 Briggs Fold Road, Egerton, Bolton, BL7 9SG, 07867 822620. CD: 01/10/05. Fees TBA. Lim EOD. Team entry only. Chq: SELOC. EPS-SI. Closed event via team entry for clubs qualifying from regional rounds. Compass Sport category restrictions apply to courses.



WAOC Local Event. Therfield Heath, Royston. TL/348406.



01480 216418. £4.00/£1.50. EPS-SI. White to Blue. Dogs on leads.



SAX District Event. Pembury Walks. GR/620420.



Jean Fitzgerald, 01622 686779. £4.50/Free. EPS-SI. Saxons 24 hour infoline on 01303 813344.

November 2005



SUFFOC District Event & ESSOL. Ickworth Park, Bury St Edmunds. TL/816614.



John Webb, 01473 742778. £5.00/£2.50. EPS-SI. Dogs on Leads. Entry fee includes NT fee.



HAVOC Local Event. Bedfords Country Park, Romford. TQ/520925.



Chris Shaw, 01375 677377. £2.50/Free. EPS-SI. W,Y,O, LG & Blue. Starts 10.30-12.30PM.



SN Regional Event & SN Trophy. Ash Ranges, Aldershot. GR/917557.



Paul Keeble, 01483 489868. Fees TBA. EPS-SI. String course. Dogs on leads in car park only.



CHIG Regional Event. Epping North, Epping. TQ/450991.



Organiser: Peter Allen, 01279 437649.



Entries: Derek Jenner, 19a Brook Road, Sawbridgeworth, Herts, CM21 9HA, 01279 726146. CD: unknown. £8.00/£3.00 EOD £9/£3. EOD + £1.00. Chq: Chigwell and Epping Forest O.C. EPS-SI. String course. Entry limited to 800.



SOS District Event & EAGAL. Brandon, Brandon. TL/785853.



Clive Tant, 01621 778205. £5.00/£2.00. EPS-SI.

December 2005



HAVOC District Event inc Snail Trail Trophy and EAGAL. Epping SW, Chingford. TQ/394949.



Barbara Fothergill, 01277 213758. £4.50/£1.50. EPS-SI. String course.



Full registration pending



SOS Limited Colour Coded ESSOL Event & SOS Club Championships. High Woods, Colchester. TL/998271.



Colin West, 01206 322905. £5.00/£2.00. EPS-SI. White to Blue + Score. http//

Notice of Annual General Meeting

The 2005 Annual General Meeting of Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society will be held at 8.00pm on Friday 21st October at Somakam, Roman Hill, Blackheath, Colchester CO2 0BX at the kind invitation of Hilary and Martin Sellens.† Food will be provided after the meeting.


  1. Apologies for Absence
  2. Agreement of the Minutes of the 2004 AGM
  3. Matters arising from the Minutes not covered elsewhere
  4. Chairman's Report
  5. Treasurers Report and Statement of Accounts for 2004/05
  6. Subscription Rates for the coming year
  7. Election of Officers:

  8. Chairman
    Vice Chairman
    Fixtures Secretary
    Membership Secretary
    Club Captain
    Publicity Officer
    Newsletter Editor
    East Anglian Representative
    Social Secretary
    Equipment Officer
    Schools Liaison Officer
  9. Any Other Business

Nominations or Volunteers for any of the positions are very welcome to the Chairman (Martin) before or at the meeting.† Willing offers for the following posts that are expected to fall vacant will be especially appreciated:† Publicity, Treasurer, Schools Liaison and Vice Chairman.