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January 2005

Editors: Jenny and John Collyer, email


SOS Committee

ChairmanMartin Sellens01206-766560
Vice ChairmanVacant
SecretaryNancy Powell-Davies01376-562657
TreasurerSteve Robertson01206-242283
Fixtures SecretaryJack Isbester01621-815501
PublicityStephen Cartwright01255-220325
Membership SecretaryGeraldine Russell
Mapping co-ordinatorKevin Machin
EAOA RepresentativeKevin Machin01245-224947
Equipment OfficerJulia Robertson
Social SecretaryJulia Robertson01206-242283
ESSOL/Schools LiaisonDave Birkett01245-352365
Club CaptainJenny Collyer
Newsletter EditorsJohn and Jenny Collyer01787-370947
WebmasterAndrew Cordle01787-473823

Editorial - Jenny and John Collyer

Thanks to everyone for the articles in this newsletter.  Jack’s “How was it for you” is an excellent idea for members to write about points of good organization or facilities provided by neighbouring clubs. I am sure many would agree to paying a higher entry fee for the luxury of a loo as at a recent SUFFOC event. I know of at least one Region who have had a “no loo, no event” policy.

We were sorry to hear of the injury Hilary sustained while on a ski-ing trip and wish her a speedy recovery.

Club only members who haven’t yet renewed their membership will find a membership renewal form with this newsletter. If you would like to receive this newsletter on line please let us know if you have not already done so.

The New Year’s Day Novelty event gave us chance to run off the excess gained over Christmas and to enjoy a new Stragglers area.

We intend to have the next newsletter available at the EAGAL at High Ash on the 20th March in time for any JK and British Championships Relay information.  We are away from March 3rd until March 14th but will endeavour to get everything put together in time. We will need ALL contributions by Monday 14th though, and if you do have anything ready before we go away on the 3rd – all the better.

We hope to see lots and lots of you at the Compass Sport Cup (Trophy) qualifying round on February 27th.

Chairman's Chat - Martin Sellens

Well, Happy New Year to everyone, and Happy Birthday to all those who moved up an Orienteering age group with the dawning of the New Year. No doubt among your many doomed resolutions will be one to do really well at Orienteering events now you have the advantage of being among the youngest and fittest in your age group.  Of course, quite the opposite applies to those who are still young enough to wish they were older, but sadly, I find it increasingly difficult to empathise with the problems of callow youth.  No doubt many of you also count among your resolutions (to facilitate the aforementioned headline-making Orienteering victories)

  1. to eat more healthily,
  2. to lose a few excess pounds (sorry, kilogrammes) of soft, squidgy, but unhealthy and heavy, subcutaneous and/or visceral flab and
  3. to exercise more regularly and effectively.

Forgive me for a cynical “Ha!”  The road to hell and the nether reaches of the ranking lists is paved with such good intentions.  I know every inch of every slippery slope of that road.  But the human spirit is indomitable and I wish you bon voyage.  In the spirit of optimism, and as a fully signed up Sports Scientist, I hope you will forgive me if I offer a few tips to help you in your quest over the forthcoming issues of this newsletter.  I feel moved to do this because I do not anticipate having many truly earth shattering revelations about the cosmic state of “O” to share with you in my role as Chairman, and because I feel morally bound to provide at least a page of copy for John and Jenny. I am also struck by the level of coverage in the media of the obesity epidemic and of diets supposed to combat it.  So, at the end of this Chairchat I’ll offer a thought or two about Diets.  But first, a few items of news and sundry administrative comments.

And now, as promised, for those with an appetite for it, a few words on dieting.

How can you avoid joining the legions of the obese or reverse the process if you are already a fully signed up member of the fat club? (It is predicted that 1 in 4 adults in the UK will be obese by 2010.  Find the “Tackling Obesity” report of the National Audit Office at The simple truth is that weight can only be lost if “energy out” is greater than “energy in”.  Exercise is the only bit of the “energy out” that we can easily manipulate, so exercising more is an important factor, of course, but more of that some other time.  “Energy in” is a matter of diet and in recent years the Atkins diet has been the most popular strategy for those seeking to lose weight.  In this Chairman’s Chat I’ll restrict myself to a brief overview of this diet and cover the more recent “GI” diet in the next issue. Despite my initial scepticism about the Atkins diet, there is convincing evidence from a few reliable scientific studies that it really does work in the short term.  It involves minimizing carbohydrate intake and consuming foods that are rich in protein and fat.  This has a certain popular appeal as fatty food tends to be tasty and a diet of chocolate and steak seems more attractive than one of pasta, rice and vegetables.  The Atkins as a diet seems to work because “rich” food, high in calories, satisfies the appetite so effectively that, paradoxically, fewer total calories are consumed.  Reassuringly, in studies lasting several months the Atkins diet does not seem to produce the high LDL cholesterol levels that are normally associated with high fat consumption and that are linked to an increased risk of heart disease, so at least in that sense it may not be “unhealthy”.  However, the diet is also low in certain vitamins (particularly vitamin C) and fibre.  A multivitamin and mineral supplement can compensate for the low intake of these nutrients which, if uncorrected, can lead to impaired immune system function and a variety of “deficiency  diseases”.  Delicacy precludes my dwelling on the constipatory effects of the lack of fibre, but over the long term it is also associated with an increased risk of developing varicose veins (including haemorrhoids), heart disease and certain cancers. 

A diet containing minimal carbohydrate causes us to use up our reserves of glycogen; the stored carbohydrate that we use to produce energy during hard exercise such as running. On a normal mixed diet our bodies contain about a kilogram of glycogen, mainly in the muscles, and, because of its sponge-like structure, it is stored along with about 3 kilograms of water.  As the glycogen, and associated water, largely disappears in the first few days of following the Atkins diet, a rapid weight loss of about 3 kilograms (6.5 pounds) is to be expected.  Unfortunately, without glycogen we feel physically fatigued and it is difficult to exercise.  Of course, this is counterproductive in terms of “energy out” and fitness levels.  It is unlikely that you would be able to Orienteer well while following the Atkins diet. 

Studies that have compared long term weight loss in traditional calorie restricted diets containing normal amounts of carbohydrate with that achieved on the Atkins diet have found that they are equally effective.  On the other hand, many find that the Atkins diet is easier to stick with and certainly the early weight loss is good for motivation; it’s nice to see quick results.  As well as celebrity dieters, some Orienteers that I know have successfully slimmed down on the Atkins Diet and as a short term strategy there is no evidence that it will do you any harm, so, if you really must diet, why not give it a try?  Just be aware that it will compromise any training that you try to do while on the diet, and that you will probably put a few kilograms back on as soon as you revert to a more normal eating pattern.  What’s the alternative?  Well, Atkins is a bit passé nowadays, and if you want to keep up with the fashionistas then the GI (Glycaemic Index) diet might be just what you’re looking for.  Watch this space.

Captain's log - Jenny Collyer

I am being thrown in at the deep end with this job which I took on a couple of weeks ago.  I am immediately faced with organising teams for the Compass Sport Cup (Trophy) qualifying round taking place on Feb. 27th,  the  JK Relay on 28th March and the British Championship Relay on 17th April.

Our COMPASSSPORT TROPHY qualifying round takes place on Sunday the 27th February at Banstead and Walton Heaths (just north of junction 8 of the M25).  We need as many people as possible to turn out for this event so we can get lots of points and hopefully qualify for the next round.   The rules have changed this year  providing for a wider age range and giving more flexibility in the scoring.  (The new rules can be viewed on the Compass Sport Cup website ).  If you are able to go to this event please let me know as soon as possible along with your 2005 age class.  I don’t know what the entry fee will be.

The JK RELAYS take place on Monday 28th March in Hopwas  Woods near Tamworth. The entry fee will be £10/£5.  Please let me know if you would like a run as soon as possible and by Monday 14th Feb. at the latest. 

The British Orienteering Championship Relays take place on the sand dunes at Penhale, near Newquay, Cornwall on Sunday 17th April.  Again, let me know as soon as possible if you are going and by March 17th at the latest. Entry fees are £10/£5.

I can be contacted on 01787 370947 or .  If you have any particular people you would like to run in a team with or a particular class you like to run in let me know.

Membership Secretary - Geraldine Russell

2005 Subscriptions were due on 1st January.  If you are a SOS only member who has not yet renewed a membership renewal form is included with this newsletter.  Existing BOF members will receive reminders directly from BOF and will need to pay them directly.

A lot of the e-mail addresses I have on the records are out of date. If you have changed your e-mail address since joining the club could you please let me know on

If you are happy to receive your newsletter in future via the website (thus saving time and money) please e-mail me or if you are "club only" members indicate on the renewal form when you send it back to me with your cheque. If you subscribe to "sosmembers" you will be notified when the newsletter is posted on the website. To subscribe to "sosmembers" go to the SOS website and click on 'Members Resources'.

SOS Juniors

Report from James Lyne (SOS/EAJS) Regional Squads training weekend at Lakeside

I have been able to attend Lakeside three times, and this unfortunately was to be my last time. It is a national training weekend open to all 16s also giving competent second year 14s a chance to train for the weekend.

Early on a Friday afternoon in late November, the East Anglian Junior Squad of 6, (Jo West, Nina Tant, Mark Chalkley, Simon Gardner, Ed Louth and myself) embarked on the seven hour journey up to the heart of the Lake District to Lakeside YMCA that would be the 'base camp' for a weekend's training in some of the world's finest orienteering terrain. After a late arrival, the squad was glad to hear that they had been given inside accommodation, rather than the much colder isolated huts!

Early the next morning, the organisers of the weekend introduced themselves and then the squads were free to split and discuss the days training program. After copying the maps up, the squad drove several kilometres down the road to High Dam, an area previously used for World Cup races. A long uphill walk to the start awaited us and after a short warm up and stretch, we were ready to start the training.

The undulating, lightly wooded yet marshy terrain proved to be quite runable, making the first control pick exercise fast and enjoyable. Soon after, we paired up and completed a visualisation exercise, where one person memorised their way to the first control, and then on the way, the partner memorised the next control's route. Close shadowing from the coaches proved helpful, as we were given handy tips throughout. After a well earned lunch break and short relocation exercise as well as another control pick, we made our way back to Lakeside where a surprise was waiting for us.

Each member of the squad then competed in a sprint race around the small grounds of Lakeside. This 2km sprint, encouraged a combination of speed, concentration and the integration of skills practised earlier at High Dam. The competitive nature of the EAJS meant that the stakes were high and Simon Gardner finished in 14:48 beating me, with a time of 15:50 followed by Mark Chalkley in 16:20 who took third place. This sprint race was a great ending for the day, enabling the orienteer to reflect on the techniques learnt as well as getting good views of Lake Windermere while zigzagging across the area to controls feet from the water!

After a presentation from the GB Squad member, Helen Palmer, detailing about the interesting and very different intensity of orienteering in Scandinavia, we were free to relax throughout the evening and after copious amounts of free coffee, biscuits and sugar (Mark) tiredness got the better of everyone and we went to sleep.

The next morning after a brief preparation meeting, the squad packed up and left to begin training at Simpson Ground, an area previously used for the training day at the Graythwaite JK 2004. We left with a view to not returning to Lakeside, so after packing, we arrived reasonably late and began training at about 11a.m, practicing our 'map to ground' analysis with a simple 'follow the line' course where the aim was to count the number of controls placed on the line. This left time to complete one more exercise, so a pairs route choice exercise over 3km distance was selected and the deep marshes provided frequent amusement! After a long walk back to the minibus, we left to return home at 9p.m. that evening.

On behalf of the EAJS, I would like to thank Eleanor West, Richard Barker and Heather Sears as well as all of the weekend's organisers for helping to organise the coaching and courses. Also, a special thanks to Geoff Pye for his kindness in driving the squad to and fro. I strongly recommend that any younger members of the EAJS attend Lakeside when they are old enough as I have definitely found it beneficial to my orienteering!

Schools League update - Dave Birkett

Group Year leaders after four events:
Year 5&6
Michael Park374 pointsLeonora Cashin291 points
Hugh Cashin290 pointsHelen Laurie276 points
Marcus Turner282 pointsIsabelle Cashin276 points
Year 7&8
Robert Barker299 pointsCamilla Duthie278 points
Tom Bright284 pointsLeonora Selby273 points
Christian Gregory277 pointsAbbi Pass266 points
Year 9 &10
Joe Hooton97 pointsSarah Park277 points
Connor Weed90 pointsEllen Sanderson251 points
Philip Hardingham86 pointsRachael Malley98 points
Year 11, 12 & 13
James Lyne100 pointsEmma Johnson236 points
Alex Machin83 pointsNicola Barker89 points
73 pointsKatie Sellens85 points

Half way through the ESSOL season and good to see some new schools and groups competing at events. Manningtree High School following on from last years SOS coaching day, Gosfield Primary School and 1st Heybridge Scouts.

Barnardiston seem to be stronger this year being the most represented school. Their dominance in year 5& 6 is broken by Michael Park from Broke Hall School whose impressive top spot hides the fact that he has gained points doing orange standard courses. Bryn Willkinson took advantage of small numbers on the white course at Sutton Common and moved into fourth spot with 273 points. Rhiannon Ware, Rebecca Wastell and Stephanie Ware split the girls 5&6 table putting Cherry Tree Primary on the map. Sarah Park and Ellen Sanderson running up on Light Green head the 9&10 girl’s year group. Ellen’s missed punched control at Sutton Common gave Sarah the lead. I suspect the top spots in this year group will be very close for the rest of the season.

Completing in three out of four events puts Emma Johnson tops the year 11, 12 and 13 girls’ year groups. She looks to have got the balance of running up just right so far.

There are four events left this season to score points for ESSOL. These are provisionally:
13th Feb 2005 - Hylands Park, Chelmsford, SOS
6th March 2005 - Rendlsham North, SUFFOC
3rd April 2005 - The Broaks, SOS
8th May 2005 - The Naze, SOS

Please check with the organising club websites nearer the time for more details.

Happy New Year to all and have fun orienteering in 2005.


SOS Notice Board

Congratulations to Hazel Tant for winning W20L at National Event 1 held at Ash Ranges on Jan 2nd.  Martin and Chris Sellens also achieved Championship standard at this event.

Sat. 19th Feb, High Woods

This informal event is ideal for those who are fairly new to the sport, juniors, or if you have any friends you would like to introduce to orienteering.  Starts are from 10.30 -12.30 and parking is in the Chantarelle carpark (GR009268). There will be white, yellow and orange courses.

Notes of interest from Committee meeting (5/1/05) not mentioned elsewhere
AGM Minutes posted on the web
Geraldine producing new club banner
A new map of Fordham Hall Wood and update of Brandon is underway.

The Outward Bound Trust is looking for you.   Did you do an Outward Bound® Course ?  We are creating a Roll of Honour of all people who have been part of Outward Bound® since October 1941.  Roll of Honour members receive a newsletter and invitations to open days. 

If you would like to be included and to receive more information please send or e-mail your name, address, tel. no. to:
Caroline Briggs, The Outward Bound Trust,
Hackthorpe Hall, Hackthorpe, Penrith, Cumbria CA10 2HX

Event Notice

3 Days of Holland Orienteering


From 26 until 28 of march we organize an international orienteering event in the dunes of the Hague (the Netherlands). We can offer you

terrific terrain (the most difficult terrain of the Netherlands with many many details and great variation in vegetation) with new maps of high quality. The competitions will be held very close together and close to accommodations thus offering the possibility to go to the competitions without needing a car. The Hague is easy to reach by train, boat or plane (via Schiphol airport).

The Hague offers a wide variety of cultural sightseeing possibilities combined with the northsea beach only two kilometers away. Also the famous flower bulb area  is only 30 kilometers away and the competition is just in its season.

We would like to ask you to inform the people of your club of this possibility by placing our link ( ) on your site and/or maybe consider coming!

Hope to see you at eastern 2005 at the 3-days of Holland in the Hague!

Warmorienteering greetings!

Mietta Groeneveld - UZO Orienteering the Netherlands

The East Anglian Galoppen 2005

Jack Isbester calls for one more big heave

The Region has decided to reactivate the inter club element of the East Anglian Galoppen (League Competition) this year so every competitive run by a Straggler in an EAGAL event earns points for the club and is therefore very important!

Unfortunately by the time that you read this two or even three of this year’s EAGAL events have already taken place. You have to get up early be get ahead of SMOC, SUFFOC and CUOC.   The provisional list is:
Jan 9SMOCBucknall, Silverstone
Jan 23SUFFOCTunstall North, Woodbridge
Jan 30CUOCBroomhill, Thetford
Mar 20WAOCHigh Ash, Mundford
Apr 10DRONGOHigh Lodge, Thetford
Nov 27SOSBrandon CP, Brandon
Dec 4HAVOCEpping SW, Chingford

with NOR still to nominate their event.   They are a tricky bunch at NOR, in the nicest possible way, and will probably slip it in during mid August when the typical Straggler is lazing on a Mediterranean beach or sipping a pina colada in the West Indies.

So get out there in numbers, Stragglers, and rack up the points.   You can see all the details, including last year’s individual winners, at

SOS 2004 EAGAL winners     
M14James ParkW14Ellen Sanderson
M45Richard BonnettW16Joanne West
M70Jack IsbesterW55Jenny Collyer
W60Geraldine Russell

Strange goings-on at Fordham - John Collyer

Date: Saturday 8th January.

Place: Northern enclosure at Fordham Hall Woods - this is an experimental area where various methods of environmentally friendly weed control are being assessed.

Personnel: Geoff Sinclair (Senior Woodland Officer, Woodland Trust) with 40 assorted helpers (plus dogs), of whom 13 were Stragglers.

Equipment: 8-foot long canes.

Adversaries: Dastardly hares who have been eating new trees in one of the enclosures and ruining not just the trees, but also experimental data.

Personal expectations: Scores of hares bloated by eating so many trees, will be frightened and queue up to make their way out of the enclosure.

Strategy: To advance across the enclosure, beating canes on ground, driving hares out via open gates.

Tactics: To keep in close order, sweeping up towards far end. Once in line with gates, some stay in place to prevent hares backtracking, others sweep round to “guide” hares out through gate.

Result 1: Two hares driven to far end, but each escape back through line of beaters. Several pheasants also raised, these fly out of field. Beaters pleased to see there are hares in the field and are happy to have another go.

Result 2: Hares escape again!

Result 3: Guess what.


  1. New textbook needs to be written, as hares in full flight do not seem phased by having to run right past cane-wielding humans. Just in case you were thinking of a different strategy, remember no shooting is allowed (the hares that is!).
  2. Stragglers out in force at such events do help build up a strong, positive relationship with the Woodland Trust.  Thanks to Jack Isbester for coordinating, and to all those who came along.

Straggler's Planting Group, Fordham 2004

Jack asks for some help.

Dick Gustavsson - News from Jack Isbester

Stragglers* who accompanied me on the Second SOS Swedish Tour (Göteborg 1990) will share my happiness at having again made contact with our host on that occasion, Dick Gustavsson.

Dick tells me that he went through a period of depression three or four years ago when he was suffering from a hip that needed replacement but since the operation two and a half years ago he has made a good recovery.   Whilst he has not been running he is clearly getting about as he was one of the Controllers for Day 4 of the 2004 Swedish ORingen.

Being now 80% retired he is spending three days a week helping to build a new club house for his orienteering club Göteborgs Sports Klubb.   Although GSK is only a small club, similar to SOS, their facilities are to be envied.   They had, and probably still have a comfortable and well equipped club house adjacent to an orienteering area in Göteborg and a second, rural, clubhouse in orienteering terrain beside a lake 40 km from the city.   The city club house had kitchen, dining area, showers and toilets and a large hall suitable for meetings, exercises and social events.   The rural clubhouse had bunk beds in two rooms for a total of about 12 people, kitchen, lounge and lakeside sauna.  

Both club houses were actually shown on the neighbouring orienteering maps, like having a club house at the bottom of the Sellens or Robertson gardens – if only!

*Pauline Stevens, Gordon Neilson, Ann Collyer, Rex & Laurie Niven,

Essex Stragglers 2005 Event Summary

Jan 15thWivenhoeFamilyC5
Coaching dayJ.Robertson
SportidentESSOL G. PyeJ CollyerB Daniel
Coaching dayJ Robertson
AprilThe BroaksDistrictC4
3rdSportidentESSOL P FinchN PughJ Webb
May 8thThe NazeDistrictC5 
SportidentESSOL S CartonS.Cartwright???
Sportidentrelays L WestM SellensC Sellens
SportidentEAChamps S.RobertsonA CordleT Pribul
Octo 9thChalkneyDistrictC4
SportidentESSOL H SellensK MachinC Baker
SportidentEAGAL C TantR BonnettJ Ward
Dec 11thHighWoodsDistrictC4
SportidentESSOL C WestJ CollyerP Beckett

SOS National Ranking Positions

This list is complete for events up to the 2nd Jan 2005.  The competitor’s position reflects the best 6 scores over the previous 12 months.  We have only included members scoring in 3 or more events.  2004 age classes                                                                         
M21L87thJeff Powell DaviesM50S67thRichard Barker (5)
202ndPeter FinchM55S34thJohn Collyer
M21S18thStephan PughM60L123rdJohn Russell
M35S96thRobert HammondM70L26thJack Isbester
M45L29thAndrew MalleyW21L51stEleanor West
82ndClive TantW21S32ndMiriam Pugh
110thColin WestW45L41stHilary Sellens
113thMark LyneW45S17thWendy Welham
165thGeoff PyeW50L44thLyn West
M50L22ndMartin Sellens85thNancy P-Davies (5)
56thSteve RobertsonW50S33rdJulia Robertson
63rdNick PughW55L17thJenny Collyer
W60L28thGeraldine Russell

BOF Item

'The BOF e-mail account with CIX will no longer be maintained from 1st January 2005. All e-mails should be addressed to - emails to will not be collected.'

How was it for you? - Jack Isbester

This is the first in an occasional series in which Stragglers draw attention to particularly good organisation or facilities provided by neighbouring clubs.   The object is to help us to improve the arrangements for our own events.   All SOS members are invited to submit entries and guest entries from members of other clubs, if constructive and/or amusing, will also be welcome.

Bucknell & Hazelborough   SMOC   8th January 2005

The signing to the event from the A43 was faultless.   The signs were clearly visible, unambiguous and placed at every point on the route where they were needed.

Just a thought – have you ever got lost when leaving an event?   I have.   Some small country lanes are free of sign posts.   It helps to have a sign at the carpark exit directing drivers towards the nearest main road, for example “To the A43 —>

Sutton Common   SUFFOC   28th November 2004

A loo was needed in this remote and exposed area and the organisers of this event which attracted 129 competitors provided a portaloo at a cost of £139.   This initiative was well received by competitors.   The organisers wrote “A decision taken by the committee which proved expensive but we believe absolutely necessary was to hire a portable toilet for the event. If we are to attract and retain runners within orienteering the provision of adequate toilet facilities is no longer an issue we can avoid. The cost of doing so meant we had to increase the originally advertised adult entry fee by £1 to £5; still value for money.”

A Magnetic Personality

(Supplied by Jack Isbester with acknowledgements to Maritime Feedback)

On passage on a small yacht as crew I had occasion to disagree with the owner about the bearing of a navigation mark. My reading using binoculars (with an incorporated bearing compass) was 160° and hers, with the type of hand bearing compass used by many sailors, which hangs around the neck and is held up to the eye, was 200°. When I used her compass the reading was again 160°.

There had to be some local deviation about her person and, as a joke, I suggested her glasses. After a few moments she said that she had glasses which had "clip" on sunglasses, which were magnetically attached! It transpired that her glasses frames were magnetised and this was the local deviation which she had not noticed before!

Fixtures in East Anglia and Nearby Regions

For up-to-date fixtures information, see the following websites -
Link to SOS Essex stragglers fixtures
Link to EAOA East Anglian Orienteering Association fixtures
Link to BOF British Orienteering Federation fixtures

The information provided below normally consists of Event Date, Region (eg EA = East Anglia), Event Grade and Type (Grade 1 is highest grade, Grade 5 is lowest.   Type C is a conventional Cross Country event in which controls must be visited in the sequence listed on the description sheet).   Event & Location Names and map reference.   Organiser's contact details.   Contact details, costs, closing date etc. for Pre-entry when provided.   Whether Entry on the Day (EOD) is possible and the surcharge payable.   The range of courses offered.   The address of a website from which additional information can be obtained.   Additional information in plain language.

At Essex Stragglers' events registration normally opens at 1000hrs, starts are from 1030hrs until 1230hrs and courses close at 1430hrs.

January 2005


EAThetford Thrash Weekend

 C329th - WAOC Thetford Thrash Regional Event - Day 1. Mildenhall North, Mildenhall. TL/728742.
  Organiser: Peter Woods, 01223 721433. >
 C330th - CUOC Thetford Thrash Day 2 & Icenian Trophy.    EAGAL ?? Bromehill, Brandon. TL/793889.
  Organiser: Edmund Ward, 07779
   Entries: Caroline Louth, 20 Long Road, Cambridge, CB2 2PS, 01223 CD: 17/01/05. £7.50/£3.00 per day (2nd etc Juns in same family - free). £13.00/£5.50 both days. SI hire 50p per day. Non-club +£1.00/50p per day. Lim EOD and late entries +£1.50/£1.00. Chq: WAOC. EPS-SI. String course. Dogs on leads. EOD CC courses - White - Orange - £4.00/£1.50. or

February 2005

6thEANOR District Event & Norfolk Schools League. Sheringham Park & Weybourne, Sheringham. TG/130415.
 C4 Alan W Bedder, 01603 £4.00/£1.00.EPS-SI. Dogs on lead in car park only.
6thSESAX District Event. Hindleap, Forest Row. TQ/416323.
 C4 Jean Fitzgerald, 01622 686779. £4.50/Free. EPS-SI. Parking £1.00. Saxons 24 hour infoline on 01303 813344.
13thEASOS District Event & ESSOL. Hylands Park, Chelmsford. TL/680047.
 C4 Geoff Pye, 01621 741847. £5.00/£2.00 Club members £4.00. EPS-SI. Enlarged area so White to Brown.
20thSEHH District Event. Millward's Park, Hatfield. TL/238059.
 C4 Maire Convery, 01727 £5.50/£2.50.EPS-SI. String course. No dogs.

EMLEI Compass Sport Cup 1st Round. Belvoir, Grantham. SK/817337.
 O3Organiser: Chris Phillips, 0116 255 0330.
   Entries: Roger Williamson, 63 Loughborough Road, Quorn, Loughborough, Leics, LE12 8DU, 01509 412132. CD: 01/02/05. £7.00/£3.50. EOD. Chq: Leicestershire Orienteering Club. EPS-SI. String course. Dogs only in Car Park. Clubs entering the Compass Sport Cup and Trophy events must pre-enter. Entry via clubs only. Event open to non CSC participants.

March 2005

6thEASUFFOC District Event & ESSOL. Rendlesham North, Woodbridge. TM/353502.
 C4 Rob Coulter, 01473 258430. £4.00/£1.50 + £1 for Indpendants. EPS-SI. Dogs on Leads.
13thSCTVOC NATIONAL EVENT. Hambledon Woods, Henley-on-Thames. SU/768890.
 C2Organiser: Fred Ashford, 01494 534972.
   Entries: Barrie Walmsley, Treadaway House, Treadaway Road, Flackwell Heath, Bucks, HP10 9NY, 01628 522016. CD: unknown. £9.00/£3.50 +£1.00 Emit hire. No EOD. Late entries +£2.00/£1.00. EPS-Emit. String course. Lim EOD CC courses - £3.50/£1.50. No dogs.
13thSESAX District Event. Brede, Hastings. TQ/800208.
 C4Jean Fitzgerald, 01622 686779. £4.50/Free. EPS-SI. Saxons 24 hour infoline on 01303 813344.
   Full registration pending

20thEAWAOC District Event & EAGAL. High Ash, Mundford. TL/815967.
 C4Mike Capper, 01733 235202. Fees TBA. EPS-SI. Dogs on leads.
   Full registration pending



April 2005

3rdEASOS District Event & ESSOL. The Broaks, Halstead. TL/790306.
 C4 Peter Finch, 01245 261138. £5.00/£2.00. EPS-SI. White to blue. No dogs.
10thEADRONGO  High Lodge, EAGAL ??
10thSESAX District Event. Oaken Wood, Maidstone. TQ/710550.
 C4Jean Fitzgerald, 01622 686779. £4.50/Free. EPS-SI. Saxons 24 hour infoline on 01303 813344.
   Full registration pending

13thSESN Short Race & CATI. St Johns Lye, Woking. SU/981576.
 C5S Paul Keeble, 01483 489868. Fees TBA. EPS-SI. Dogs on leads in car park only. Starts 1600-1900.