Newsletter Submission Guielines


Material should normally be submitted by email to, but magnetic media or paper submissions are also acceptable. If you are unable to scan photographs or documents, the editors can do this and return your originals.


If you are able to, please submit your material well before the deadline. That way the editors can use the time between the deadline and publication to process unavoidably late material.

If permission to use material has to be obtained, this will take extra time.


Text contributions should ideally be in HTML (.htm, .html), plain text (.txt) Word (.doc) or Rich Text (.rtf) format.

Tabular data should ideally be in Excel (.xls) or comma-separated (.csv) or tab-separated (.txt) format, or in a Table in Word.

Please do not imbed pictures (photographs, maps) or spreadsheets within a word processing (.doc, .rtf) document, but send them as a separate attachment.

Please supply a caption (or at least a meaningful file name or some sort of description) for photographs. Otherwise, I'll be forced to make one up!

If you are using MS Office 2007, remember that other people will need to install additional viewers to read documents in Office 2007 (.docx, .xlsx) format - please save in .doc or .xls format.

Notwithstanding the above, contributions in other formats are welcome too. A good quality scan or screen copy of text can usually be rendered with some accuracy by Optical Character Recognition software. If all else fails, the editors can type it.


The following is written by someone who isn't a lawyer, and shouldn't be relied on ...

SOS holds a licence from Ordnance Survey and OS and SOS mapping can normally be incuded in the Newsletter.

Maps produced by other clubs will have Copyright owned by that Club, who may need to be contacted for permission, although small extracts (e.g. one or two legs of a course) might be considered fair use.

Articles, pictures, diagrams and maps copied from newspapers, periodicals, books, and websites almost certainly need permission to copy and publish. If in doubt, don't abandon the idea. The editors will try to secure permission.