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Fixtures and Results

Club Fixtures

See forthcoming events on Ollie O'Brien's interactive map
Subject to change...!
AnytimeVariousMaprun - See the home page for details
16 MayMaldon (Urban)Maldon Urban EAOUL and SEOUL Event - PRE-ENTRY ONLY - FINAL DETAILSDetails
18 MayBrentwood SouthSOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 4Details
01 JunTBDSOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 5
13 JunThe BroaksRegional Colour Coded
15 JunBillericaySOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 6
30 JunHedinghamSOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 7
13 JulStanford Le HopeSOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 8

Club Coaching

Coaching sessions are open to all members. Non members are also welcome. Further details including confirmation of venue will be published nearer the time on the club website and facebook page.
Adults £2 per session/Juniors Free.

Club Results

04 MayHeybridgeSOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 3Results
20 AprBrentwood NorthWelcome Back! SOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 2Results
18 AprDanbury ParkRegional Colour CodedResults
07 AprChelmsfordWelcome Back! SOS-HAVOC Welcome Back Mid-week series - Event 1Results
20 OctHalsteadSummer-Autumn Mid-week series - Event 6Results
06 OctBraintreeSummer-Autumn Mid-week series - Event 5Results
27 SepHigh WoodsRegional Colour CodedResults
22 SepColchesterSummer-Autumn Mid-week series - Event 4Results
08 SepDanburySummer-Autumn Mid-week series - Event 3Results
25 AugChelmer VillageSOS Welcome Back! Summer-Autumn Mid-week series - Event 2Results
11 AugGreat NotleySOS Welcome Back! Summer-Autumn Mid-week series - Event 1Results
11 MarSudburyWinter Series Event 5Results
12 FebMaldonWinter Series Event 4Results
2 FebWrittle ForestRegional Colour Coded and EALResults
15 JanHalsteadWinter Series Event 3Results
1 JanHighwoods CPNew Year NoveltyResults
4 DecDanburyWinter Series Event 2Results
24 NovHylands ParkRegional Colour Coded, ESSOL Results
13 NovColchesterWinter Series Event 1Results
22 SepBaddow RidgeRegional Colour Coded and EAL Results
21 SepAdmirals Park ChelmsfordJunior Mini SeriesResults
11 SepWithamSummer Series Event 6Results
17 AugCastle ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
14 AugWivenhoeSummer Series Event 5Results
10 AugHighwoods Country ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
24 JulFordhamSummer Series Event 4Results
21 JulMaldonUrban EventResults
20 JulGreat Notley Country ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
10 JulHalsteadSummer Series Event 3Results
16 JunThe NazeRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
12 JunColchesterSummer Series Event 2Results
29 MayThe HedinghamsSummer Series Event 1Results
3 AprTiptreeMid-week Winter LeagueResults
31 MarHockley WoodsRegional Colour Coded, Yvette Baker Trophy heatResults
6 MarSudburyMid-week Winter LeagueResults
17 FebDanbury CommonRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
13 FebHarwichMid-week Winter LeagueResults
9 JanMaldonMid-week Winter League Results
1 JanWrittle ForestNew Year Novelty Results
9 DecThe BroaksRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
5 DecWithamMid-week Winter League Results
7 NovLexden & PrettygateMid-week Winter League Results
14 OctChalkneyRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
22 SepMaldon PromJunior Mini SeriesResults
12 SepDanbury Country ParkLocal Mid-Week Summer SeriesResults
18 AugDanbury LakesJunior Mini SeriesResults
8 AugBrightlingseaLocal Mid-Week Summer SeriesResults
21 JulCastle ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
18 JulStanwayLocal Mid-Week Summer SeriesResults
20 JunCastle ParkLocal Mid-Week Summer SeriesResults
17 JunHighwoodsRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
16 JunAdmirals ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
23 MayHilly FieldsLocal Mid-Week Summer SeriesResults
13 MayDanbury ParkRegional Colour Coded, YBT Heat Results
28 MarCoggeshallLocal Mid-Week Winter seriesResults
25 MarWrittleColour Coded and EA ChampionshipsResults
7 MarSudburyLocal Mid-Week Winter seriesResults
7 FebWithamLocal Mid-Week Winter seriesResults
28 JanBaddow RidgeRegional Colour Coded, EALResults
10 JanColchesterLocal Mid-Week Winter seriesResults
1 JanBroaks WoodLocal New Year NoveltyResults
5 DecMaldonLocal Mid-Week Winter seriesResults
26 NovHylands ParkRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
8 NovHighwoodsLocal Mid-Week Winter seriesResults
17 SepHockley WoodsRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
6 SepHilly Fields, ColchesterLocal SOS Summer SeriesResults
19 AugDanbury Country ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
16 AugSudburyLocal SOS Summer SeriesResults
29 JulMaldon Promenade ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
26 JulFordhamLocal SOS Summer SeriesResults
22 JulCastle Park, ColchesterJunior Mini SeriesResults
12 JulThe BroaksLocal SOS Summer SeriesResults
24 JunGreat Notley Country ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
18 JunWivenhoe Park and WoodsRegional Colour Coded, ESSOLResults
21 MayColchesterNational UrbanResults
20 MayMaldonRegional Ultra SprintResults
19 AprMonkwickWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
2 AprWrittleColour Coded, ESSOL, EAL (Level C)Results
22 MarBraintreeWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
19 FebDanbury CommonColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
14 FebStanwayWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
29 JanPods WoodColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
24 JanWivenhoeWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
1 JanFordhamNew Year's Novelty (Level D)Results
30 NovColchesterWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
27 NovBrandonColour Coded, ESSOL and EAL (Level C)Results
9 OctHigh WoodsColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
17 SepMaldon Prominade ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
10 SepCastle Park, ColchesterJunior Mini SeriesResults
27 JulHigh Woods ColchesterSummer Series 5 (Level D)Results
23 JulGreat Notley Country ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
16 JulCastle Park, ColchesterJunior Mini SeriesResults
16 JulCastle Park, ColchesterCommunity GamesResults
10 JulThe NazeStragglers' Sprints (Level D)Results
9 JulMaldon Prominade ParkJunior Mini SeriesResults
6 JulWivenhoe WoodsSummer Series 4 (Level D)Results
29 JunGreat Notley Country ParkSummer Series 3 (Level D)Results
19 JunDanbury Park & LakesColour Coded, ESSOL and SWELL (Level C)Results
15 JunTiptree HeathSummer Series 2 (Level D)Results
8 JunHilly Fields, ColchesterSummer Series 1 (Level D)Results
8 MayHatfield ForestEAOA CompassSport Cup/Trophy heat (Level B)Results
16 MarLexden ColchesterWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
13 MarThe BroaksColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
17 FebChelmsfordWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
20 JanManningtreeWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
10 JanHilly FieldsColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
1 JanSudbury MeadowsNew Year's NoveltyResults
9 DecSudburyWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
29 NovChalkney WoodsColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
11 NovKelvedonWinter Mid-Week SeriesResults
11 OctBaddow RidgeColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
9 SepHigh WoodsSummer Series Bonus EventResults
28 JulGreat Notley & White CourtSummer Series Event 3Results
25 JulCastle Park, ColchesterCommunity Games Family Orienteering ChallengeResults
12 JulWivenhoe ParkStragglers' RelaysResults
1 JulColchester EastSummer Series Event 2Results
24 JunSudbury MeadowsSummer Series Event 1Results
14 JunHigh WoodsColour Coded, ESSOL (Level C)Results
17 MayHylands ParkColour Coded, EA Schools Championship, SWELL (level C)Results
22 AprMistleyWinter Street-O SeriesResults
29 MarCastle ParkTurkey Twizzler (WSOC Fundraiser)Results
25 MarLexdenWinter Street-O SeriesResults
22 MarWrittle ForestColour Coded, East Anglian League, ESSOL, SWELL (Level C)Results
25 FebHigh WoodsWinter Street-O SeriesResults
28 JanThe Beehive, ColchesterWinter Street-O SeriesResults
18 JanPod's WoodColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
1 JanHilly FieldsNew Year's Novelty EventResults
22 NovColchesterUrban (Level C)Results
12 NovStanwayWinter Street-O SeriesResults
29 OctSudburyWinter Street-O SeriesResults
12 OctThe BroaksColour Coded (Level C)Results
30 JulGalleywood CommonSummer Series Event 4Results
23 JulWivenhoe WoodsSummer Series Event 3Results
12 JulMaldon Prom ParkSprint and Family Trail Results
10 JulNotley Country ParkSummer Series Event 2Results
6 JulHigh WoodsStragglers Relays (Level D)Results
25 JunThe BroaksSummer Series Event 1results
15 JunWivenhoeColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
18 MayDanbury CommonColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
9 AprLexdenEvening Street-OResults
13 MarSpringfieldEvening Street-OResults
9 MarHatfield ForestColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
11 FebManningtree & LawfordEvening Street-OResults
19 JanFordhamColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
8 JanColchesterEvening Street-OResults
1 JanBlakes WoodNew Years' Novelty (Level D)Results
11 DecSudburyEvening Street-OResults
24 NovWivenhoe Park & WoodsColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
20 NovHighwoodsEvening Street-OResults
6 OctThe BroaksColour Coded, Schools League, Club Champs (Level C)Results
21 SepCastle ParkCome & Try, Street-OResults
11 JulDanbury CommonSummer SeriesResults
7 JulDanbury ParkStragglers' Relays (Level D)Results
27 JunHighwoodsSummer SeriesResults
16 JunHighwoodsColour Coded, EA Schools Championship (Level C)Results
13 JunHilly FieldsSummer SeriesResults
1 JunWivenhoe ParkFamily Legacy FestivalResults
30 MayWivenhoe WoodsSummer SeriesResults
19 MayThe NazeColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
17 MarWrittle ForestColour Coded, EA Champs, EA League (Level C)Results
14 MarSpringfieldEvening Street Event (Level D)Results
13 FebHalsteadEvening Street Event (Level D)Results
27 JanPods & Conyfield WoodsColour Coded, Schools Leagues (Level C)Results
9 JanSudburyEvening Street Event (Level D)Results
1 JanColchesterNew Year's Novelty (Level D)Results
19 DecBrightlingseaEvening Street Event (Level D)Results
8 DecNotley Country ParkNight NavigationResults
28 NovLexdenEvening Street Event (Level D)Results
11 NovWivenhoe Park & WoodsColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
7 NovCentral ColchesterEvening Street Event (Level D)Results
27 OctGalleywood CommonMicroOResults
17 OctWelshwood Park, ColchesterEvening Street Event (Level D)Results
7 OctChalkney WoodsColour Coded, Schools League, Club
Champs, YBT Qualifyer (Level C)
8 SepCastle Park, ColchesterUrban and Come and Try ItResults
19 JulDanbury CommonSummer Series 5 (Level D)Results
8 JulHigh WoodsStragglers Relays (Level D)Results
5 JulNotley Country Park, BraintreeSummer Series 4 (Level D)Results
21 JunThe Broaks, HalsteadSummer Series 3 (Level D)Results
17 JunHatfield Forest South
and Wall Wood
Colour Coded (Level C), EA LeagueResults
7 JunAdmirals Park, ChelmsfordSummer Series 2 (Level D)Results
26 MayLexdenStreet O (Level D)Results
24 MayHilly Fields, ColchesterSummer Series 1 (Level D)Results
13 MayHylands ParkColour Coded, Schools League, EA Schools Champs (Level C)Results
14 AprSudbury WatersideSaturday Morning Event (Level D)Results
24 MarCastle Park, ColchesterCome and Try It and Street-O (Level D)Results
18 MarHockley WoodsColour Coded, Schools League (Level C)Results
16 FebHalsteadNight Street Event (Level D)Results
5 JanChelmer Village, ChelmsfordNight Street EventResults
1 JanWivenhoe Park, ColchesterNew Year's NoveltyResults
10 DecTiptree HeathNight Event and Coaching Results
8 DecBrightlingseaNight Street EventResults
27 NovPods & Conyfield WoodsColour CodedResults
10 NovGreensteadStreet Night EventResults
9 OctThe BroaksColour Coded, Schools LeagueResults
11 SepDanbury ParkColour Coded, Schools League, Club ChampsResults
3 SepCastle Park, ColchesterCome And Try ItResults
28 JulDanbury Country ParkSummer SeriesResults
14 JulHilly Fields, ColchesterSummer SeriesResults
10 JulWivenhoe ParkStragglers RelaysResults
30 JunWivenhoe WoodsSummer SeriesResults
16 JunNotley Country ParkSummer SeriesResults
2 JunAdmirals Park, ChelmsfordSummer SeriesResults
22 MayHighwoodsColour Coded, Schools League, EA School ChampsResults
19 MaySudbury MeadowsSummer SeriesResults
7 MayCastle Park, ColchesterMini Event - Street and Park OResults
2 AprMaldon Promenade ParkMini EventResults
27 MarHylands ParkColour Coded, Schools LeagueResults
5 MarCentral Park, ChelmsfordIntroductory and Score eventResults
13 FebWrittle ForestLevel B Event, East Anglian LeagueResults
5 FebHighwoods ColchesterNight-OResults
1 JanFordhamNew Years' NoveltyResults
18 DecFordhamMini EventResults
28 NovHatfield ForestRegional, EA League & Schools LeagueResults
10 OctBaddow RidgeColour Coded Event & Schools LeagueResults
12 SepHockley WoodsColour Coded Event & Club ChampionshipResults
11 JulHylands ParkStragglers RelaysResults
20 JunWivenhoe ParkColour-coded & Schools LeagueResults
9 MayDanbury ParkColour-coded, Schools League, EA Schools ChampsResults
14 MarMiddlewick & DonnylandRegional Colour-coded, EA ChampsResults
7 FebChalkney WoodsColour-coded and Schools LeagueResults
1 JanHighwoodsNew Year's NoveltyResults















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