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Colour coded (Level C)
Highwoods Country Park
Sunday 27th September 2020
Final Results

Comments Par Times Final Results

Officials' Comments

Organiser: Julie Laver, julieannlaver@btinternet.com

Well what an experience! Our first post lockdown colour coded event went very smoothly except for a small hiccup with the download which was quickly resolved by our fantastic team.

Before the event we spent a long time debating the measures we could put in place to keep everyone safe while still ensuring the actual orienteering was not adversely impacted and I would like to think we got it right on the day.

Our great team of volunteers made sure all participants knew what was expected of them and they in turn were very happy to fit in with all that was asked. I hope you all had a great day.

Special thanks to Rachel, Doug (and Lucy) our planners. They put together some great courses much enjoyed by the participants. The comments I heard were all positive.

They were ably overseen by our controller Colin West who made sure we were all kept in order with a light touch.

Thanks also to Lyn West for her guidance regarding Covid mitigation measures in the lead up to the event and on the day.

In all it was a real team effort so thanks to everyone for their hard work. I know those who turned up to run appreciated it.

Planner: Rachel and Doug McTurk

When we agreed to plan this event, we knew our lives would be quite different as we would have welcomed our first child into the world. However, we didn’t imagine that it would be the first event we’d been to for 7 months, and that hand sanitiser would be as critical as control flags!

It was fantastic to be able to be part of one of the first events post lockdown, and see so many people back out enjoying orienteering. Highwoods is a small but varied area, and we tried to ensure you saw some of the best bits. Rachel was the armchair planner, and Doug the legs on the day to put out the controls. We hope you all enjoyed the courses.

Thanks go to Colin for his support as Controller, Julie and Lyn as organiser and Covid safety officer and Kevin for his hard work in updating the map and printing the courses.

Controller: Colin West (SOS)

Welcome back to orienteering! The event went really well, given the new protocols that were in place to make it Covid-secure.

Clearly the heart of the event – planning, maps, running – remained much the same. But the organisation and delivery of entries, start and download was quite different – congratulations Julie and your band of helpers for meeting the challenge.

Several midweek events had given some lessons to apply to a full event, and club Covid officer Lyn liaised with organisers to ensure that the learning was applied.

Rachel and Doug produced a good range of courses, using the differing areas of Highwoods. These called for changes in technique on the longer courses to optimise the run.

And competitors were well-briefed and well-behaved for social distancing, hand sanitising, and arriving at the Goldilocks moment (not too early, not too late – but just right!).

Walkers in the park were supportive of our activity, and I experienced several ‘dog-control’ moments for which I thanked the owners.

How was it for you? Any comments on Covid-procedures or other aspects welcome to colin.west@hotmail.co.uk

Par Times

Course Time
Blue 00:54:22 (Winner + 50%)
Green 01:06:58 (Winner + 50%)
Short Green 01:08:39 (50% of competitors)
Light Green 00:53:35 (50% of competitors)
Orange 00:43:56 (50% of competitors)
Yellow 00:22:17 (50% of competitors)
White 00:47:12 (100% of competitors)

Final Results

Final Results (without splits) - please download here.
Final Results (with splits) - please download here.

Organiser: Julie Laver, julieannlaver@btinternet.com.
Planner: Rachel and Doug McTurk
Controller – Colin West - SOS

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