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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

District/Colour Coded event incorporating East Anglian league (EAGAL)
Brandon Park, Brandon
Sunday 27th November 2005
Survey Results as at 1st December 2005

I think this was good value and should be repeated - 14 votes

Excellent idea
I thought it was a excellent event - thanks!
Suggest providing 1 No. toilet only to keep costs down. Additional cost could therefore be 0.75 approx.
I enjoyed both the event and the facilities!
It's good to see that SOS has entered the modern world and provided facilities. The total entry fee is still relatively modest for a good day out.
Toilets are essential for ladies.
I think that where the assembly area is not near to convenient facilities this is a minimum requirement, even if it does increase the cost a bit. 1 isnt significant for most seniors considering their travel costs. Thanks for a good event.

I liked having the toilets but think 1 extra is too much - 2 votes

I didnt use them, but have at some events (bigger and more open). It does add to a more professional event in some ways though.
Providing toilets at smaller events is a good idea and I think more clubs (including mine) should do it. Personally I don't mind paying a pound extra, but I think it is best to keep entry fees as low as possible to encourage as many people as possible to go to events.

I would rather pay 1 less and make my own arrangements - 8 votes

Since we happened to be parked near the loos we can tell you they did seem to be well used. We think these are definitely a good idea where creeping off into the forest to "make one's own arrangements" is not such as easy option as it is at Brandon, but for today's event they did not seem necessaary to us.
But I only live 30mins from the event so didn't need them.
We did wonder why it was 5 rather than 4 as advertised on the web!
The advertised price (on SOS website) for affiliated seniors was 4, but I was charged 5, with no mention of the toilet levy. I reckon that children will need the toilet more than adults, so perhaps the levy should be on them?!? There were never any queues that I saw, so perhaps only one would have been sufficient?

Webmaster's comments

Thank you for your votes and comments, which will be considered by the SOS committee at their next meeting.
Apparently the economics of the toilet business means that two units cost little more to hire than one unit - much of the cost is in delivery and collection. Pity!
The decision to provide toilets was taken late in the organising process (the information on the Web said "Portable toilets may also be available"), and the fact that fees would be increased wasn't conveyed to the webmaster. Sorry.