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Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS)

Annual Relay Event
Highwoods Country Park, Colchester
15th July 2001

Organiser's Report Planner's Report Controller's Report
Team Results Short/Yellow Medium/Orange Long/Light Green

Esssex Stragglers' Chairman Mark Johnson congratulates the winning team - "Western Front"

Winning team

Team Results

 TeamClubElapsed timeHandicapCorrected time
 1.Western Front
Joanne West, David West, Colin West, Lyn West
Simon Gardner, Helen Gardner, Peter Gardner, Nicola Gardner
 3.Havoc Snails
Paul Beckett, Garry Parmenter, Barbara Fothergill, Mick Hill
 4.Essex Girls
Katie Sellens, Nina Tant, Hazel Tant, Emma Johnson
 5.Suffolk Yams
Yvonne McLean, Wilson McLean, Anne Elvidge, Simon Peck
 6.Such HAVOC
Brian Daniel, Jane Daniel, Claire Daniel, Tony Biggs
Ursula Oxburgh, Dave Wotton, Rolf Crook, Roger Horton
 8.SO Sluggish
Mark Johnson, Geoff Pye, Jonathan Pye, Julia Robertson
 9.Havoc Slugs
Chris Shaw, Anthony Waller, Janet Biggs, Brian Straight
 10.Chigs Might Fly
John Duffield, Colin Flint, John Gillespie, Derek Jenner
 11.Mostly Related
John Webb, Jeremy Gray, Goff Hill, Becky Gray
 12.This Little Chiggy
Sandra Daniels, Alasdair Gillespie, Josh Jenner, Ian Whisson
 13.The Raging Robertsons
Thomas Robertson, Suzy Robertson, Nicola Robertson, Steve Robertson
Anthony Emmet, Allie Clark, Pip Roberts, Penny Kirkwood
 15.One Short
Mike Gardner, Mark Wadeson, Andrew Cordle, Anthony Wadeson
WAOC + 1120:202298:20
Julie Wotton, Mark Collis, Annette Dowd, Simon Shaw
 17.The Frumious Bandersnatch
Philip Humphries, Martin Humphries, Pauline Humphries, Neil Humphries

Individual Results

       Yellow/Short2.5km30m8 controls
NameClub          Age      Time
1Paul BeckettHAVOCM400:13:52
2Josh JennerCHIGM160:14:02
3Brian StraightHAVOCM550:14:48
4Garry ParmenterHAVOCM550:14:52
5David WestSOSM160:14:56
6Dave WottonWAOCM350:14:56
7Mark JohnsonSOSM350:15:12
8Anthony EmmettINDM210:15:20
9Steve RobertsonSOSM450:15:28
10Peter GardnerWAOCM160:15:54
11Derek JennerCHIGM450:16:25
12Jeremy GraySUFFOCM350:16:40
13Claire DanielHAVOCW210:16:44
14John DuffieldCHIGM500:17:17
15Goff HillSUFFOCM550:17:31
16Sandra DanielsCHIGW350:17:35
17Roger HortonWAOCM550:17:42
18Hazel TantSOSW160:18:13
19Neil HumphriesWAOCM400:18:16
20Mark CollisWAOCM210:18:25
21Ian WhissonCHIGM400:18:29
22Julia WottonWAOCW210:18:49
23Simon PeckSUFFOCM450:19:03
24Colin WestSOSM450:19:07
25Katie SellensSOSW160:19:07
26Helen GardnerWAOCW160:19:21
27Becky GraySUFFOCW210:19:22
28Nicola RobertsonSOSW180:19:37
29Anne ElvidgeSUFFOCW400:19:50
30Tony BiggsHAVOCM500:19:58
31Chris ShawHAVOCM500:20:01
32Mick HillHAVOCM450:20:02
33Penny KirkwoodINDW210:20:40
34Colin FlintCHIGM550:20:49
35Lyn WestSOSW450:21:04
36Joanne WestSOSW140:21:06
par time
37Suzy RobertsonSOSW180:21:13
38Martin HumphriesWAOCM140:21:22
39Annette DowdWAOCW210:21:31
40Mark WadesonWAOCM400:21:32
41Nicola GardnerWAOCW450:21:45
42Geoff PyeSOSM450:22:05
43Rolf CrookWAOCM210:22:28
44John WebbSUFFOCM650:22:33
45Pip RobertsINDW210:22:45
46John GillespieCHIGM500:23:01
47Andrew CordleSOSM500:23:05
48Brian DanielHAVOCM500:23:50
49Wilson McLeanSUFFOCM650:24:19
50Anthony WallerHAVOCM210:24:22
51Emma JohnsonSOSW140:24:23
52Simon GardnerWAOCM140:24:40
53Anthony WadesonWAOCM400:25:07
54Jonathon PyeSOSM140:26:25
55Barbara FothergillHAVOCW450:27:11
56Rachel WiddickINDW140:29:27
57Julia RobertsonSOSW450:30:18
58Ursula OxburghWAOCW650:30:32
59Allie ClarkINDW210:31:38
60Janet BiggsHAVOCW450:32:08
61Jane DanielHAVOCW550:32:12
62Pauline HumphriesWAOCW500:33:55
63Nina TantSOSW140:34:21
64The Privetts 'A'IND0:34:39
65Alastair GillespieCHIGM160:35:00
66Yvonne McLeanSUFFOCW600:35:19
67Philip HumphriesWAOCM120:41:51
68Mike GardnerWAOCM450:46:51
69The Privetts 'B'IND0:53:57
70Thomas RobertsonSOSM101:05:37
H BiggsHAVOCM80retired
Orange/Medium3.1km40m13 controls
1David WestSOSM160:19:10
2Neil HumphriesWAOCM400:21:30
3Mark JohnsonSOSM350:22:00
4Peter GardnerWAOCM160:23:05
5Brian StraightHAVOCM550:23:06
6Paul BeckettHAVOCM400:23:17
7Steve RobertsonSOSM450:23:19
8Dave WottonWAOCM350:23:37
9Claire DanielHAVOCW210:24:46
10Simon PeckSUFFOCM450:24:49
11Chris ShawHAVOCM500:24:49
12Anthony WadesonWAOCM400:25:49
13Roger HortonWAOCM550:26:01
14Helen GardnerWAOCW160:26:02
15Geoff PyeSOSM450:26:10
16Goff HillSUFFOCM550:26:36
17Anthony EmmettINDM210:26:48
18Hazel TantSOSW160:27:39
19Colin WestSOSM450:28:00
20John DuffieldCHIGM500:28:02
21Suzy RobertsonSOSW180:28:27
22Brian DanielHAVOCM500:29:18
23Mark CollisWAOCM210:29:46
24Nicola RobertsonSOSW180:29:47
25Annette DowdWAOCW210:30:24
26Mick HillHAVOCM450:31:01
27John WebbSUFFOCM650:31:22
par time
28Nina TantSOSW140:31:38
29Colin FlintCHIGM550:31:44
30Andrew CordleSOSM500:31:56
31Emma JohnsonSOSW140:32:14
32Sandra DanielsCHIGW350:32:32
33John GillespieCHIGM500:33:10
34Alastair GillespieCHIGM160:33:22
35Barbara FothergillHAVOCW450:34:02
36Joanne WestSOSW140:34:02
37Nicola GardnerWAOCW450:35:04
38Pip RobertsINDW210:37:17
39Mark WadesonWAOCM400:38:27
40Jonathon PyeSOSM140:38:51
41Wilson McLeanSUFFOCM650:40:21
42Becky GraySUFFOCW210:42:09
43Ursula OxburghWAOCW650:42:24
44Janet BiggsHAVOCW450:44:21
45Jane DanielHAVOCW550:45:05
46Penny KirkwoodINDW210:45:54
47Yvonne McLeanSUFFOCW600:46:22
48Georgina Czyzewicz + 1SOSW100:49:07
49Ian WhissonCHIGM400:50:51
50Martin HumphriesWAOCM140:51:32
51Simon ShawWAOCM351:03:26
52Nathan CzyzewiczSOSM141:04:20
53Philip HumphriesWAOCM121:09:19
54Haylock familyIND1:45:27
Light Green/Long4.6km60m14 controls
1Mark JohnsonSOSM350:33:35
2Rolf CrookWAOCM210:34:30
3Paul BeckettHAVOCM400:34:46
4Josh JennerCHIGM160:38:22
5Anthony EmmettINDM210:38:56
6Garry ParmenterHAVOCM550:39:15
7Ian WhissonCHIGM400:39:42
8Dave WottonWAOCM350:39:55
9David WestSOSM160:41:25
10Colin WestSOSM450:41:47
11Claire DanielHAVOCW210:41:59
12Mark CollisWAOCM210:42:30
13Peter GardnerWAOCM160:42:54
14Hazel TantSOSW160:43:18
15John DuffieldCHIGM500:43:34
16Neil HumphriesWAOCM400:44:05
17Suzy RobertsonSOSW180:45:11
18Simon PeckSUFFOCM450:46:31
19Mark WadesonWAOCM400:46:56
20Jeremy GraySUFFOCM350:47:13
21Nicola RobertsonSOSW180:47:49
22Julia WottonWAOCW210:47:59
23Anthony WadesonWAOCM400:48:17
24Helen GardnerWAOCW160:48:59
25Geoff PyeSOSM450:49:25
26Chris ShawHAVOCM500:50:10
Par time0:50:23
27Anthony WallerHAVOCM210:50:50
28Anne ElvidgeSUFFOCW400:53:48
29Pip RobertsINDW210:53:59
30Tony BiggsHAVOCM500:56:38
31Goff HillSUFFOCM550:56:43
32Martin HumphriesWAOCM140:57:37
33Derek JennerCHIGM450:58:23
34Katie SellensSOSW161:13:05
35Bahar MirshekarSOSW181:34:46
Emily CordleSOSW18missing 11

The organisers ramble

The decision to go ahead with the event was only taken at the SOS committee meeting in May. At that stage we had no event officials as there had been no enthusiasm for arranging these earlier in the year. I was willing to organise but unavailable on the original date so the committee immediately decided to change the date! Chris and Martin stepped in to the breach and we had an event. I was particularly pleased to see a junior prepared to have a go and to take it on given his other extensive commitments most notably GCSEs. If our sport is to survive we need to encourage the next generation to take an active role in the organisational side. Constructive criticism is accepted by us all and helpful in the learning process. Outright condemnation of anyone's efforts is demoralising and only succeeds in discouraging them from volunteering again.

The main problem with organising the relays is the difficulty in getting helpers. Everyone wants to run and while this can be accommodated in other events, the format of the relays makes it difficult. Thank you to all the Stragglers who helped set up and pack away and who helped on the finish before, between and after their runs. A special thank you to Jack Isbester and Hilary Sellens. Jack E-mailed me to volunteer as soon he knew the event was happening. It is good to have him involved with orienteering even though he has hung up his 'O' shoes. Hilary had to cope with living in the same house as the planner and controller (always stressful). She helped with drawing up the maps and then got press ganged into running the finish for much of the day.

Thank goodness for electronic communication. All publicity was done electonically. I had organised the relays two years ago and had E-mail contacts for all those teams. The turnout was perhaps slight down but 17 teams made it a worthwhile event. I can only apologise to people who do not have access to E-mail and the web and who may not have heard that the event was on.

The location for the start/finish was perfect and the weather added to the occasion. I enjoyed my yellow course. Thank you all for coming and perhaps I should apologise for winning!

Lyn West

It's the Planner's Report

The planning for the SOS novelty relays started on the aeroplane to the European Youth Orienteering Champs just after my GCSEs. The intention was to make the courses long as the handicaps given were very generous towards the younger age categories. However, due to the type of vegetation in High Woods the original courses involved a lot of dead running. Therefore the course lengths were cut down and legs became shorter and more varied, to discourage path running, (yet the path route was advisable for leg 8 - 9 on the Orange). Admittedly the Yellow course was a bit too difficult but this was partly due to cutting the course shorter.

Those of you who did the Light Green may be glad to know 1km was cut off the length of the course, but this meant you missed one of the nicest parts of the park. New control sites were found for the Orange and Light Green and I like to think these resulted in interesting courses. I think you will agree the legs along the stream were very pleasant. I apologise for the seemingly difficult Yellow course, however you may have found it hard as you are out of practice!

See you at the event next year. Hopefully, I will be running not planning.

Chris Sellens

Controllers comments

This was only the second event that Chris (M16) has planned and he did an excellent job given the constraints of the area and the limited amount of time between the end of GCSEs and the rescheduled date. His idea of a start and finish overlooking the open valley and giving the opportunity for some spectator legs, worked extremely well. A long walk from either of the usual parking areas was avoided by exploiting the anticipated small entry to pioneer the use of the Chantrelle car park. I don't think the regular Sunday morning dog walkers were unduly inconvenienced and I expect you enjoyed the challenge of navigating to it through the High Woods suburban maze. It used all to be ancient woodland, but at least that which was left by the developer is now open to the public and the occasional band of Orienteers.

Perhaps we were all a little orienteering rusty, including the controller. Critical comments about the difficulty of the yellow were quite justified, though my personal feeling is that the first leg was the only one that should have caused any real problems. The taped route would have helped a bit more if we had planned it beforehand and written it on the control description sheet! In mitigation, I think Chris and I were too focussed on the expected composition of the relay teams and not enough on BOF guidelines and the overriding needs of beginners, particularly on the colour coded courses. Anyway, apologies to those M45s who found it a bit hard. Incidentally, a good way to ensure that apprentice planners, who have given up hours of their time to provide us all with our fix of orienteering, are terminally discouraged, is to criticise their efforts without sugaring the pill with a few words of thanks. Those of you who have done your bit for the sport by planning will know how a couple of well aimed "thank you"s can make the effort seem worthwhile.

Notwithstanding the yellow with blue tinges, I thought Chris's courses were imaginatively designed and used the more attractive parts of the park. The run along the stream north of the lake was particularly lovely for those who resisted the path option. On the other hand the thrash along the earth wall from 8-9 on the orange was dire and an option we should have found a way to discourage.

Thanks to Lyn West and the small and somewhat over-stretched band of helpers for holding it all together. I hope the rest of you enjoyed the weather we had arranged as well as the opportunity to get into the woods again after the unwelcome restrictions of foot and mouth. Thank you all for coming.

Martin Sellens

Final details for relays on Sunday 15th July

Please note we are not parking at the Visitors Centre, so many of the brown direction signs in Colchester will take you to the wrong venue and we are not using the Cowdray Centre parking that we have used for previous events.

The best route is as follows:
Approach Colchester from A12/A120 Harwich interchange. Take A1232 towards Colchester town centre (Ipswich Road). At first roundabout, turn right (O signs from here). At next roundabout (by Tesco’s) take first left (Eastwood Drive) then fourth left turn (Chanterelle). Don’t panic about the fact that you are driving through a housing estate! Honestly, we are not doing street ‘O’. Continue to the end of Chanterelle and you are in the car park.

Registration will be in the car park. Please arrive in plenty of time to get the paperwork done. Registration will open at 10 a.m. Base time is 12 noon. You start your handicap minutes in front of this so you can work out your own start time.

Eg A team with a handicap of 20 minutes will start at 11.40 a.m. Easy! There will be a 600 metre walk to the start/finish/changeover area but the view will be worth it! We have a spectator control for your entertainment.

Please note that there are no toilets in the car park. The nearest toilets are at Tesco’s or the Visitors Centre approx 1 km.

See you on Sunday. Any queries contact:

Lyn West 01206 322905 or

The nth running of the Stragglers' Relays will take place on Sunday July 15th at Highwoods Country Park, Colchester.

The usual handicap system will be used with allowance for age and sex. Rumour has it that it is roughly based on the expected minutes per km used as par speeds by the SE League (at some stage in the past) but as far as I'm concerned it is handed down from one organiser to the next!

Start times will be according to handicap with a base time of 12 noon for scratch teams.

Enquiries to Lyn West: Phone: 01206 322905 E-mail:

Rules :

  1. Teams of four runners must complete four short (yellow), three medium (orange) and two long (light green) courses.
  2. Each team member must complete at least one course and no-one may run the same course twice. At the start, each team will receive a set of maps, one for each course. The fourth runner will not be able to start until another team member returns.
  3. Scratch teams will start at 12 noon. Handicap will determine start time of all other teams. Handicap as follows:

    M201613 9520246810121418

    Thus a team made up of W21+M40+M50+W55 will have a handicap of 4+4+8+18 = 34 minutes. Start time will be at 11.26. Easy really!
  5. My decision is final.

Entries should be made on the form below (or a copy) E-mailed to

Or by post to Lyn West, Grove Hill House, Dedham, Essex CO7 6DX

Entry fees: £3 seniors, £1.50 juniors. Cheques payable to Essex Stragglers.

Closing date for entries: 13 July 2001 Limited e.o.d. depending on availability of maps.

Final details will be issued on the day. Registration will open at 10 a.m. Please arrive with sufficient time to prepare for your start.

Team name:Club:
NameM/FBOF ageHandicap in minutesFee
Click here for an emailable form (.rtf format).